How much money can I get for a dog bite? Here’s What to Do Next

What is the average dog bite settlement amount?

The average settlement for a dog bite case is around $50,000 in many states. In some other states, it can be around $35,000.

These amounts are increasing, every year. In 2019, the average dog bite insurance claim was for $44,760. In 2020, it was for $50,425.

However, every particular case is unique. Some are worth fairly little. Some are worth far more than average. Some key factors that determine how much a case will be worth are the:

  • injuries suffered by the victim, especially if the bite proved to be fatal,
  • victim’s share of responsibility for the dog attack,
  • dog’s bite history,
  • dog owner’s conduct,
  • state where the attack occurred, and
  • characteristics of the dog or victim, like if the dog was a law enforcement animal, or if the victim was a veterinarian.
  • Because there are so many factors, there is no such thing as an average dog bite payout. A dog bite attorney can advocate on behalf of victims who want to make sure they get fully compensated.

    How Much Can I Sue for a Dog Bite?

    Not all dog attack cases will have severe injuries or equate to large monetary damages. Typically, larger monetary awards occur if an animal attack:

  • Leaves visible scarring or disfigurement (these cases can involve settlements over $100,000)
  • Results in permanent disability (these cases can involve settlements over $200,000)
  • Requires emergency medical attention
  • Requires surgery or extended medical care
  • Results in the need for mental health therapy focused on victims of dog bites (such as PTSD counseling)
  • On average, people can expect around $40,000 for a severe but typical dog bite injury, though it all depends on the actual injuries and financial damages suffered. An injury settlement or award will generally reimburse an injury victim for their medical bills, out-of-pocket expenses, lost wages, and other consequential damages.

    If a person receives a settlement that includes reimbursement for medical bills, they may be required to pay back a health insurance company or pay outstanding medical bills (if any). Most of the money recovered will go to covering these medical bills.

    Dog Bite Liability and Homeowners Insurance

    Statistics show that someone suffers a bite every 75 seconds in the United States. If you own a dog, insurance can protect you from having to pay damages if your dog attacks someone. The dog owners insurance coverage may influence how much compensation you receive.

    According to the Insurance Information Institute data, the average dog bite liability personal injury claim is $29,397, and 75% of these claims do not involve serious injuries. In addition, most dog owners are required to have homeowners or renters insurance coverage that protects their assets in a dog bite lawsuit.

    Comprehensive renters insurance policies offer liability coverage to protect you if you are sued for injuries or property damage your pet causes to someone else. An insurance claim is sent to the insurance company, which investigates and determines how much they will reimburse the victim.

    Dog bite statistics show that over half of all cases are settled out of court. The plaintiffs will often sue for pain and suffering when the dog owner does not have insurance coverage.

    How Much Is a Dog Bite Claim Worth?

    average-payout-for-canine-attack-in-united-statesThe average payout for a dog bite settlement nationally hovers around the $50,000 mark. However, many factors go into a dog bite settlement or liability. In 2019, 48 fatalities occurred in the United States as a result of dog bites. These fatalities would result in a wrongful death claim with an expected settlement significantly higher than average.

    California led the nation here with 9 fatalities from dog bites in 2019. In 2020, liability claims from dog bites or dog-related injuries cost homeowners $854 million. California is a strict liability state when it comes to dog bite claims. That means that the law holds California dog owners liable for dog bites, whether they knew their dog was capable of a bite or not.

    If a dog in California has injured you, you need a personal injury attorney that will fight for you to get the highest settlement possible. Contact Arash Law today to book a free consultation and learn more about California dog bite law.