How much raw food should I feed my dog calculator? Expert Advice

How Much Should I Feed My Adult Dog?

One rule of thumb is to feed 2-4% of the pet’s body weight. Smaller dogs will require a higher percentage of their body weight, while larger dogs will require a smaller percentage of their body weight. The daily portion should be split between morning and night.

  • a 10 lb. dog will eat about 2 to 2-1/2 lbs. per week or about 10 lbs per month
  • a 25 lb. dog will eat about 5 lbs per week or about 20 lbs per month
  • a 50 lb. dog will eat about 8 lbs per week or about 32 lbs per month
  • a 75 lb. dog will eat about 10-1/2 lbs per week or about 42 lbs per month
  • a 100 lb. dog will eat about 13-1/2 lbs per week or about 54 lbs per month
  • Remember that these are guidelines and that food needs vary. Observe your pet closely and increase or reduce food quantity as needed for proper weight. Always consult your integrative veterinarian, especially for puppies and pregnant or nursing dogs.

    Important note: If you are transitioning from dry food, it is common to see significant weight loss in the first week, which is primarily water weight. After this, it is important that they lose no more than 1 – 2% of their body weight per week. It is recommended that you work with your veterinarian to assist in monitoring your dog during weight loss.

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    How much to feed:

    2% to 3% to maintain present weight.

    Adjust accordingly if your dog or cat is overweight or too skinny.

    Puppies and kittens feed 2-3% of their projected adult weight divided into 3 meals daily up to 6 months of age.

    6 months to 1 year: 2 meals daily.

    Over 1 year: 1 meal daily for dogs. Cats 2 meals daily

    Remember, you know your dog or cats ideal weight and condition, adjust accordingly.

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    The Lazy Raw Feeder’s Raw Dog Food Calculator

    My first challenge in 2016 was how to figure out how much raw dog food to feed. That’s when I began making my own raw dog food.

    Back then, I had my Boxer mix pups Missy & Buzz. Missy weighed 55 lb and Buzz weighed 70.

    Until then, I had fed them pre-made raw dog food from Darwin’s Natural Pet and Raw Paws Pet Food. Both come with feeding suggestions based on your dog’s weight and age.