How often does a dog have a birthday? Surprising Answer

How do you say happy birthday to a dog?

Happy Birthday Wishes for Dog Lovers

May happiness and good health accompany her/him all the days of her/his lovable life. Sending the heartiest wishes to you on the birthday celebration of your dog. May joy and beautiful things surround the life of DOGSNAME. Today, I wish your amazing dog the best of birthdays!

Old Method to Calculate Dog’s Age in Human Years

The old approach for calculating your dog’s birthday is 7 dog years for each human year. That’s based on humans living to be about 70 and dogs living to be about 10.

New Way to Calculate Your Dog’s Age in Human Years

In November 2019, scientists at University of California San Diego published a new method to calculate your dog’s age in human years. It matches up various changes in DNA, nerve development and hormonal changes during aging, all common among mammals.

This new method of converting dog years to human years has a 7 week old puppy as the equivalent to a 9 month old child, based on when certain teeth emerge. After a dog is over a year, the age can be simply calculated by converting the dog age into a natural logarithm, multiplying that by 16 and adding 31.

BOL (Bark out loud). I’ve never been great at math.

So instead, use this dog age calculator and dog year chart for easy reference:

How often does a dog have a birthday?

How do I spoil my dog on his birthday?

7 Ways to Spoil Your Dog on Their Birthday

  • Spend extra time playing. …
  • Make homemade treats. …
  • Explore a new place. …
  • Buy them a new toy (or remind them of their favorite toy). …
  • Plan a play date. …
  • Give a massage or extra belly rubs. …
  • Commemorate the day with a photoshoot.
  • Your Birthday Month is your Puppy Choose your Pup! ✨#dogs #choose #cutepuppies