How often should my dog go to daycare? Tips and Tricks

What to do if doggy daycare doesn’t suit your schedule or budget

How often should my dog go to daycare?

If you cant afford doggy daycare or the facilitys opening hours dont work with your schedule, dont fret just yet.

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Can dogs go to daycare every day?

The answer to this question depends on your dogs temperament and the facilitys rules.

Many facilities limit the number of days dogs are allowed to attend per week. For example, some daycare facilities set a maximum stay of 4 days per week.

Even if your local daycare allows dogs to attend 7 days a week, all dogs need to learn how to be home alone. Just like humans, dogs need time to themselves in quiet environments away from other animals and people. Too much stimulation can lead to sensory overload and the undesirable behaviors that come with it, like excessive barking and hypervigilance.

Ultimately, just because dogs can go to daycare every day doesnt necessarily mean they should.

For working breeds, particularly hunting or herding breeds, daycare is an option, but it can’t be their everyday. Instead, consider switching to outdoor excursions and Group Classes. Outings and sports classes, like scent works or hikes, give dogs a way to use their smarts and get the physical workout they need.

For a young puppy, daycare can be overwhelming and intense. According to our Partner Trainer Sylvia, “Puppies have keen observational skills and if confronted with bullying behavior or inappropriate social behavior during their imprint phase (up to 6 months), they can develop unhealthy habits and even PTSD.” No one wants that!

At Fitdog, we would love to see your pup come to doggy daycare. But let’s wait until they have a solid foundation and can really enjoy it. Also we believe in a well rounded schedule to maintain optimal health. So if we only see you once or twice a week at daycare, we know it’s for the best.

For pups under six months old, we recommend Puppy Preschool or socializing your dog in a small, well behaved pack during hikes or group classes. Puppy Preschool trains and socializes puppies with other age appropriate puppies in a positive, trainer-led environment. Pack outings, like hikes and classes, are also led by dog professionals and offer a controlled form of socialization.

Here are the top reasons people rush into doggy daycare, why you want to wait, and puppy-friendly alternatives.

Doggy Day Care Is a TERRIBLE IDEA!?

Did you get a new puppy or have a high energy dog? Thinking about doggy daycare? Even when your puppy has met all of the daycare requirements, starting daycare too soon can be detrimental for young dogs, especially puppies under the age of 6 months.

Here are the top reasons people rush into doggy daycare, why you want to wait, and puppy-friendly alternatives.