How Old Was Rachel Ray’S Dog Isaboo

Celebrity chef Rachael Ray sadly shared this week the news that her treasured dog, Isaboo, has died. Isaboo, a pit bull, was fifteen years old.

The Rachael Ray Show star is now thanking her fans for their heartfelt messages of support and condolences.

The beloved pet of Ray and the chef’s husband, John Cusimano, Isaboo passed away peacefully this week, in the arms of her family, Ray posted on her Instagram account.

Isaboo was clearly not just a pet to the 30-Minute Meals star and her husband. She was a loved member of their family.

“Our beloved Isaboo passed today in her backyard in the sun in the Adirondack Mountains in New York,” Ray wrote in her post. “In our arms. Peacefully. ⁣

The New York native asked that her followers, to honor Isaboo, would consider adopting a pet into their family.

“And today @johnmcusimano and I mourn the loss of a dog; a pitbull who taught us more about unconditional love, empathy, and understanding of one another than we could have ever imagined. ⁣ If you have room in your heart, your home, and your budget, I say from experience that bringing an animal in need into your home can help you become a better human being.”

Celebrity cook Rachael Ray and her husband John Cusimano were heartbroken when they had to say goodbye to Isaboo, their beloved Pit Bull. Isaboo lived to be 15 years old, and she passed away peacefully by her family’s side.

Despite being a few months since the AOC team helped Isaboo, Rachael recently stated on her show that Isaboo wears her braces daily.

Many measures were taken to ensure Isaboo would be as comfortable as possible in her recovery. In short, AOC says they, “used a Custom Lil Back Bracer to help reduce the pain associated with Intervertebral Disc Disease (IVDD). In addition, the AOC team created, bilateral Custom Dog Hock Braces to help give some support to the arthritic hocks.

Isaboo is extremely important to Rachael and her husband John, and is a big part of their life. “She is Rachael and John’s child,” AOC states.

Lastly, to help manage the arthritic pain that Isaboo was battling, “we fitted her with the EMbrace Relief System to help reduce pain in her hips, spine, and shoulders.” The EMbrace Relief System is a multifunctional device that can reduce pain in multiple areas. AOC also emphasized that, “she looks overall very good for a 14 year old dog, Isaboo is like a child to them and they want her as happy as possible.”

Being such a specialized service, Animal Ortho Care (AOC) receives lots of customers through word of mouth recommendations. Little did AOC know that one of their clients, who had been on the Rachael Ray show, would recommend them to Rachael. Since Rachael’s dog was having issues with her spine and legs, she advised Rachael to get in contact with AOC as soon as possible.

Rachael Ray’s message to her fans

Ray experienced an outpouring of sentiment and support from her fans after the loss of Isaboo, or Izzy, as she was called. It touched the 51-year-old tremendously.

She sent a message to her followers on Twitter, saying “Thank you for the love and support. We feel like we have a family bigger then [sic] our zip code. Isaboo passed well and her soul must be overflowing with all the positive energy sent to her.”

“I cannot overstate the importance of Rachael’s role in animal welfare,” said Joanne Yohannan, Senior Vice President of Operations at North Shore Animal League America. “She has a big heart and a creative mind, which along with her positive energy and sincerity make her a wonderful champion for shelter pets. Rachael, John, and Isaboo were a beautiful family. They will feel her loss forever.”

Rachael shared the sad news on Instagram, writing that Isaboo passed “in her backyard in the sun in the Adirondack Mountains in New York. In our arms. Peacefully.” In other words, this sweet dog died surrounded by the love she’d basked in since the day Rachael and John adopted her in 2005.

As a generous philanthropist and humanitarian, Rachael supports animal welfare through the Rachael Ray Foundation, a private organization that is fully funded by proceeds from the sale of Rachael Ray™ Nutrish®. There will never be another Isaboo, but Rachael’s dedication and commitment will help many companion animals find responsible, loving homes of their own.

Almost from the start, Rachael celebrated her deep connection to Isaboo, featuring her on television and in social media. She said that Isaboo’s unconditional love taught her and John important lessons about empathy and understanding. And together, she and Isaboo shared those lessons with millions by becoming powerful advocates for all shelter animals, especially Pitties. As an unofficial spokesperson for rescue and adoption, and by sharing her passion for pets with her legions of viewers, Rachael has educated countless people about the plight of homeless dogs and cats.

Not long ago, Rachael told the story of how Isaboo got her name. They adopted her shortly after the sudden death of their first Pittie, Boo. Isaboo was a combination of Isabella, Rachael’s favorite girl’s name, and Boo. Hence, Isaboo, a unique and charming name for a unique and charming canine.


What happened to Rachael Ray’s isaboo?

the passing of a beloved dog

Like her millions of fans across the country, we at North Shore Animal League America are holding Rachael Ray and her husband, John Cusimano, close to our hearts as they mourn the death of their cherished Pit Bull, Isaboo, who died on May 20, 2020.

Did Rachael Ray get another dog?

She had a rescue Pit Bull of her own. Sadly, this week Ray and her husband John Cusimano shared news of their beloved dog Isaboo’s passing on Instagram. She was 15-years-old. “Our beloved Isaboo passed today in her backyard in the sun in the Adirondack Mountains in New York.