How strict are apartment dog weights? A Complete Guide

How To Deal With Dog Restrictions

How strict are apartment dog weights?

As a dog owner, these restrictions can feel very unfair.

You might have a dog that’s on a restricted breed list but has never been temperamental.

Maybe your Rottweiler is an absolute sweetheart or your Great Dane has never run into anyone; instead, it treats people with gentleness. What then?

There are some things you can do to work around apartment dog restrictions, such as if the landlord is the one who set these breed restrictions. Here are three things to try before you go ahead and accept the restrictions.

  • Set up an interview with the landlord in which you bring your beloved dog to meet him/her. This could help the landlord see that your dog is not aggressive or hyperactive enough that it could cause problems, either to your apartment or other people living in the building. If you have a dog that is heavier than the building’s pet weight restriction, perhaps an interview could also help you show the landlord that even though Fido weighs 40 pounds, he’s not an active dog and won’t cause you any problems.
  • Create a dog resume. It might sound funny to make your dog his/her own resume, but it can be very valuable. This resume should contain important things like vet records, pictures, and any other information you have to help you show the landlord that your dog is well-behaved and has a good nature.
  • Don’t forget a reference letter! In addition to having a dog resume, showing your landlord a reference letter from a previous landlord that states how your dog never caused problems can be exactly what you need to be able to live with your pet. If the landlord can see that your dog hasn’t caused problems in the past, then he/she might take a different approach to your dog.
  • What’s The Weight Limit ForApartment Dogs?

    How strict are apartment dog weights?

    When it comes to how big your dog is allowed to be in order to be allowed access to your apartment, different landlords will obviously have different requirements.

    However, most apartments that restrict your dog according to its weight won’t allow dogs that are heavier than 25 pounds.

    Apartment Dog Restrictions: It’sAbout More Than Weight

    How strict are apartment dog weights?

    You might own a dog that doesn’t exceed the weight limit set out by your landlord and feel really happy about that.

    However, it’s good to bear in mind that not all dog breeds are allowed in apartments – even if their weight is not an issue.

    Thisis largely due to the dog breed’s reputation as being aggressive. Landlordswill avoid letting tenants bring these dogs into the apartment building becausethey are seen as violent and dangerous.

    Some dog breeds that are considered to be the most aggressive include American Pit Bulls, Rottweilers, Dobermans, terriers, and Great Danes.

    With some large dogs, such as Great Danes, their size alone is what makes them seem riskier than other breeds because they can easily cause injury to someone just by running into them.

    Having a Dog in an Apartment – Quick Tips

    When you rent an apartment with a pet, there are some extra issues to consider before signing a lease. Even if you dont currently have a furry friend, make sure you are clear on these topics with your landlord before you commit.