How To Get Tri Color Pitbull Puppies

Tired of everything normal? Even a normal colored dog? Well, try tri-color pitbull. These dogs are not unique but also becoming the talk of the town. So let’s see if you are going to give your heart to this beauty or not… We bet it’s a Yes!

Tri color Pitbulls are considered rare because in general breeders have not been trying to make them until very recently. The gene that creates the three colored coat is a recessive gene. This means that both parents must have this recessive gene in order for any of their pups to end up with the three colored coat.

The Tri Color Razor Edge Pitbull

How To Get Tri Color Pitbull Puppies

Razor Edge Pitbulls are yet another variation of American Bully Pitbulls, but they are quite different from most other bloodlines. In fact, their build and temperament make them a favorite Bully bloodline.

Just as any other American Bully, these Pits can come in tri color. While this color pattern is more common in them than in some other Bully breeds, it is still somewhat rare and seen as slightly undesirable by breeders.

However, this doesn’t mean that tri-colored Bullies are impossible to find – you just need to know where to look for them.

There are several tri color Razor Edge breeders – all of them include high-quality pics of their gorgeous tri-colored puppies.

When it comes to producing a litter of puppies, some breeders are wanting to produce a certain color. One of the biggest colors people are wanting is tri. That is when your puppy has three colors. There are a few different colors you could produce if you had the right match up in your breeding. The tan point allele is responsible for the tri-color coat pattern in an American Bully. It is a gene that is inherited by both the dam and sire.

There can be: black, blue, Chocolate, or lilac (as pictured above). Everyone has their own preference on what colors they like and what colors they want in their programs.

This is one of the big questions that breeders ask. American Bully You will need to two parents that are tri and they will produce a complete litter of tri. If you have one parent that is a tri and the other parent is a tri-carrier, than you will get 50% of the litter as tri and 50% of the litter as a tri carrier. If you have one parents that is a tri and one parent this is not a tri-carrier, than you will have a litter of tri-carriers.. If you have two parents that are both tri-carriers than you will produce 25% tri, 25% not a tri-carrier, and then 50% tri-carriers. If you have two parents that are both not tri or tri-carriers, than you will produce a whole litter of non tri-carriers.

What is a Tri color pitbull?

We have seen Pitbulls in ordinary colors and they already have proven their worth too. Now is a time for a little change though. Tricolor Pitbulls are Pitbulls who have unique tints of three colors on their coats.

Although the tricolor coat is unique but found in almost all the bloodlines of the pitbull. All the types of Pitbulls have tri-colored coats in their breed. These are

  • American Pit Bull Terriers in tricolor coats
  • tricolor American Bully puppies
  • American Staffordshire Terriers in tri coats and
  • Tricolor Staffordshire Bull Terriers
  • As the name suggests, tricolor pitbull have three different shades in their coats. Usually, the base color is any of the common colors like black, lilac, or blue. The two other shades that create tri-color magic are usually white and tan.

    Now there are three colors on the plate so breeders are trying to create as unique delicacy as they could. Three colors are quite a weapon on canvas to play with. (Keep in mind how three basic colors have created an entire rainbow).


    How are tri color dogs made?

    Tri-color Pitbulls have three different colors, as the name suggests. Usually, their back is black, while their stomach and underneath of their neck are white. Their muzzle, chest, and legs feature a small amount of tan or brown. This particular coloration is rarer, as breeders have not been making them until recently.

    How much does a tri color pit cost?

    Breeders cross together Pitbulls with the desired colors until they get the tri-color Pitbull they want. Each type of tri-color is named after the base color of their coat. Black is the most common type, however, lilac, liver, merle, blue and purple also exist.