How To Remove Dog Urine From Hardwood Floors

Mix one cup of vinegar into a warm water-filled bucket and the add some drops of grapefruit oil to the solution to get rid of the odor. Scrub the floor with this safe cleaning solution, concentrating on the most prominent spots. As you scrub, the odor and stains should be disappearing.

How To Remove Dog Urine

There are quite a few homemade options to help you remove dog urine. You can use products specially designed to remove pet stains, hydrogen peroxide, vinegar, or baking soda. Most of your steps will be the same regardless of the methods that you use. However, ensure that you ventilate your room as much as possible while attempting to remove dog urine from your floors.

Use a fan and open your windows to eliminate any toxic fumes, floating particles, and odors. Of course, you also want to clean up the dog urine. If the urine soaked into the carpet or the area rugs, spot clean them or even throw them into the washing machine, if possible. You want to have open access to your urine-soaked floors.

A Vinegar Solution

Vinegar is a typical household ingredient that most of us have, and it is really helpful for cleaning. White vinegar has a very high acidity level that can help to neutralize the alkaline ammonia to eliminate urine odor. Vinegar will also kill all of the germs in bacteria that can cause you further issues.

To use a vinegar solution, use a 1:1 ratio of white vinegar to water. You can also purchase a vinegar solution, but it is likely much cheaper to make your own.

As you are spraying the solution on the floor, scrub the problem area. Then, rinse the floor immediately using clean water and then dry mop the floor. If you have a wet vacuum, you can use that to remove the moisture and dog urine.

If the vinegar solution’s smell is too much for you, you can add some essential oils into the solution to get a better smell. Grapefruit oil is one of your best options.

If you own a dog, at some point you will have to clean up accidents off the floor. Urine needs to be removed from Hardwood floors immediately because the standing liquid can warp the wood, soak deep down into the crevices and leave behind odors. Cleaning up dog pee properly will protect your floors from the urine and help keep them in good condition.


Does dog pee damage hardwood floors?

You can remove black pet urine stains from hardwood floors using several approaches. Applying everyday household items like hydrogen peroxide, vinegar, dish soap, or baking soda may be enough. For stubborn stains, you might need to sand it away or use wood bleach, enzyme cleaner, or a hand scraper.

Does dog urine soak into wood?

Untreated accidents lead to urine stains, discoloration, and odors that are extremely difficult to remove. Urine can permanently damage your hardwood floors’ polyurethane coating and lead to expensive repairs for homeowners and loss of pet deposits for renters.