Is a Rottweiler a good guard dog? Essential Tips

Five cute traits that will make you fall in love with Rottweilers

  • Rottie owners say that beneath that large, muscular exterior lies a goofy, playful teddy bear.
  • Many Rottweilers underestimate their size, happily plopping into a lap for some cuddle time.
  • Along with being protectors, these dogs are sensitive to people’s feelings and make excellent comfort dogs.
  • Sociable and fun-loving Rotties want to be included in family activities.
  • Rottweilers love attention and have endearing ways of getting it — for example, by nudging a hand with a cold nose or dropping their huge head onto a lap.
  • Rotties are naturally protective and devoted to their families. According to experts at the American Rottweiler Club (ARC), the breed’s size and bark are often enough to discourage most intruders. Here are some pros and cons when it comes to considering this breed as a guard dog for your home.

    Why a Rottweiler might not be the best breed for your family

  • Rottweilers need extensive socialization and training to be good family pets. They can have a stubborn streak and because of this are not considered a good choice for first-time dog owners.
  • It takes a significant investment of time and money to meet the exercise and training requirements for raising a happy and healthy Rottie.
  • Because Rotties have big, powerful bodies, some breeders don’t recommend them for homes with toddlers. Rottweilers were originally bred to herd cattle, so out of instinct, they may “bump” your children in an effort to herd them. The size of your home and the age of your children should factor into whether or not this is the right breed for you.
  • Rottweilers are known to be loyal and protective, with a natural instinct to guard their home and family members. Like all dog breeds, Rotties require early socialization to help them grow into well-adjusted dogs. Neglect and lack of socialization and training can cause Rottweilers to become overly territorial and develop aggressive tendencies.

    Will a Rottweiler attack an intruder?

    Yes, a Rottweiler will attack an intruder especially if he is properly raised and trained from an early age or feel threatened.

    If a Rottweiler is not socialized properly, he may be aggressive and dangerous towards humans if not properly trained.

    This can be avoided if a Rottweiler is raised with humans from a young age as a companion and protector.

    A properly trained and socialized Rottweiler will be loyal to his owners and territorial towards strangers that try to break into your property.

    He will alert you to the presence of strangers, let you know if they are approaching your property and protect your family and property with his life if he has been properly raised and trained.

    A Rottweiler can be trained to be a great guard dog but they must be raised from a young age and socialized properly from an early age to be safe to be around.


    The appearance says it all. Rottweilers are naturally engineered to be the quintessential guard dogs. The assertive posture and intimidation look is more than sufficient for any professional burglar to break a sweat.

    The Rottweiler breed is ideally suited for protecting your home and family members. They have the talent to identify the good people from imposters if trained well. This is an excellent quality to have in any guard dog. You do not want your dog to attack a mailman passing by but expect the canine to be ruthless against thieves and imposters.

    This article will detail why there are seldom any other dog breeds that beat the ferocity and efficiency of a Rottweiler. We will also dive into how you can impart the proper training routine to your Rottie. So, let’s begin without any further ado.