Is Basmati Rice Ok For Dogs With Diarrhea

One of the reasons white rice is the chosen grain for a dog with an upset stomach is that it’s easy to digest, quick to prepare, and low in fiber. “We use rice as a carb source when dogs are on a bland diet after a GI upset,” says Dr.

Just as for other types of rice, as long as you offer portions in moderation, cooked as simply as possible without any salt, dogs should be able to enjoy some basmati rice. Basmati rice comes in white and brown varieties, and vets sometimes recommend white basmati rice as a bland meal to take care of an upset stomach.

Difference Between Basmati Rice and Brown Rice

Brown rice is NOT recommended for dogs. It’s much harder on a dog’s digestive system. If your dog already has digestive issues and eats brown rice, you might be in for a long night.

On the other hand, Basmati rice is easy on the gastrointestinal system of dogs. However, we need to remember that it is a fast-digesting carbohydrate, so there’s a chance it will cause your dog’s blood sugar to rise. That’s why most vets recommend adding boiled meat with it along with some cottage cheese.

Why Do Dogs Get Diarrhea? Common Reasons

There are many reasons your sweet pup could get the runs. The most common causes include:

  • Bacteria, viruses, parasites, and other illnesses
  • Dietary changes
  • Eating garbage or spoiled food
  • Allergies
  • Stress or anxiety
  • Medications (including over-the-counter drugs)
  • Eating something they should not have – toys, bones, fabric, toxins, or poisons
  • If it’s more than a mild case of diarrhea or your dog seems in pain or distress, it’s best to take your pet to the vet first before seeing if rice will help. Best Powder for Travel

  • Packaging makes for easy transport
  • Digestive powder contains beneficial microorganisms
  • Flavorless powder makes it easy to mask in your dogs favorite food
  • Does Minute rice help diarrhea in dogs?

    White or instant rice is an easily digestible carbohydrate which makes it a good source of energy when your dog has an upset tummy or if you are feeding an older dog. Squash, like pumpkin, can be added to bulk up his stool and is a good source of betacarotene (provitamin A).


    What kind of rice is good for dogs with diarrhea?

    Plain white rice is the best rice to feed your dog when his or her stomach is upset. It is easy to digest, feeds good bacteria, and can regulate bowel movements.

    Is brown basmati rice safe for dogs?

    Absolutely. Dogs can eat grains, including brown rice, because they are omnivores. That means dogs can eat and digest foods that come from plants.

    What kind of rice is best for dogs?

    Vets will recommend a bland diet of white rice (with no seasonings or fats) and boiled chicken for dogs with gastrointestinal issues. White rice is easy to digest and helps their digestive system relax and regain its balance so your dog can eat their regular kibble again.

    Is white rice or brown rice better for dogs with diarrhea?

    Brown rice is never prescribed for dogs having gastrointestinal issues, such as diarrhea. Ill canine companions need need the starch in white rice. However, white rice has a higher glycemic index than brown rice and can cause blood sugar levels to rise.