Is it better to train your dog in German? Tips and Tricks

‍What Are The Benefits Of Training Your Dog In German?

There are many benefits to training your dog in any foreign language. Many people choose German as the language to train their dog in because common commands have a very distinct tone and sound when spoken in German. This helps the dog understand and remember the command better.

Along these same lines, training your dog in German is effective for teaching your dog commands in a way that is much less confusing for them. When you train your dog in English, it is likely that they hear commands out of the context of training.

For example, you might say to another person in your home that you want to sit down. Your dog may become confused when they hear this because they can’t tell if they are being given a command or not. This not only confuses your dog but can be detrimental to their training. The next time you give the sit command after an incident like this, they may not respond because they aren’t sure if you are giving the command to them or not.  When you teach your dog in German, this confusion is eliminated because it is very unlikely that you will use German commands.

Ultimately, your dog will not care about what language you train them in. As long as you use proper training methods, they will remember the commands that you teach to them. Make sure you use positive reinforcement and practice tricks and commands with your dog regularly to help them remember their training.

By training your dog in German, you can ensure that they will learn and remember commands much more effectively than if you train them in English.

How to Train Your Dog in German

Training a dog German commands is best if done early on or as soon as you get your puppy. Your puppy is a clean slate, so to speak, so this developmental stage is a perfect time to be introducing German commands from scratch. If you are fortunate enough to start training your dog this early, German will be considered your puppys primary language when it comes to obedience commands. The training will be straightforward and you will proceed in the same exact manner as with teaching English commands, only that the commands will be in German.

Your Dog Will Only Respond to You

Another main reason why dog owners like training German commands is because their dogs will learn to only respond to them. Other people may tell your dog “down” repeatedly, and your dog will totally ignore them. If your dog is accused of being disobedient because he or she doesnt respond to English commands such as “down,” explain that they only respond to “platz” because they have been trained in another language.

Last, but not least, many people are drawn to using German training commands because they simply like the sound of a foreign language. These commands are simple, short, and often contain hard consonants which may help grab a dogs attention.

There are numerous advantages to training your dog in a language other than your primary language.

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