Is it good to pet a dog? What to Know

This study found a novel application for fNIRS, but is it a good tool for the job?

The results showed that brain activity increased substantially through the progressive phases of the experiment and oxygenated hemoglobin remained elevated (indicating increased activity) even after the dog left.

Three actual dogs were used, all females ages 4 to 6. There was a Jack Russel, a goldendoodle, and a golden retriever.

Dr. Joey R. Gee, a neurologist with Providence Mission Hospital in Orange County, California, told Healthline that dog-assisted therapies are “valuable for many chronic disorders and may be employed in settings where ‘calming’ is needed, such as with children and in long-term care facilities.”

The plush had similar effects but only at first. Researchers said that as participants returned for more sessions, the difference in brain activity between dog and plush sessions significantly increased.

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Additional benefits of having a dog

  • Dog owners generally have a stronger immune system, helping them to stay well and spend less time getting over sickness and bugs. In fact, dog owners visit the doctor less often than non-dog owners, and are less likely to be on medication.
  • People recover faster from illnesses and even have higher survival rates after a heart attack if they have a dog.
  • Children who have a furry friend have fewer days off school due to sickness.
  • Children with chronic illnesses often cope better with treatment when they have a canine companion.
  • Dogs provide us with a sense of emotional wellbeing thanks to the unconditional love they give, which is why theyre also great company and comfort for people who live alone.
  • Owning a dog can help people to recover from personal trauma, such as bereavement.
  • Dog ownership can help those with mental health problems to recover and feel better.
  • On top of all these serious benefits of dogs, they are also fantastic fun. They always make you laugh, theyre there at the end of a hard day, and theyll almost always be on hand for a reassuring hug when you need it! Interested in getting a new puppy? Take a look at our content for handy guides and tips.

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