Is it OK to just feed dogs dry food? Essential Tips

Signs That Dogs Can Live on Just Dry Dog Food

The biggest sign that dogs can live off of just dry dog food is that millions of dogs do it. The most important part of selecting a dry dog food is picking one that works for your dog. So, instead of worrying about the kind of dog food, you should consult with a veterinarian who can point you in the direction of a food that is suitable for your dog.

For decades, dry dog food was the only commercially available dog food on the market, so that is another good indication that dogs can live perfectly healthy lives on just dry dog food alone. Millions of people still use only dry dog food, and dogs are living longer than ever, so it is pretty clear that dry dog food is a perfectly suitable food choice for pooches.

It is always a good idea to speak to a veterinarian before switching dog foods, however, so if you decide to switch to dry food, check with your vet first.

Body language says a lot about our pets. If you notice any of the following body language signs, you can be sure that your dog loves their dry dog food:

Other signs that your dog is happy with their dry food include:

  • Healthy Weight
  • No Vitamin Deficiencies
  • Eagerly Awaiting Each Meal
  • History of Dogs Living on Just Dry Dog Food

    Is it OK to just feed dogs dry food?

    When commercial dog food was first invented, it was the only option on the market. About 30 years later, wet food was introduced to the consumer. It seems that dogs were able to live happy, healthy lives with the most basic dry dog foods that have ever been on the market, so it seems that dogs are just fine living off of 100 percent dry food.

    However, pet nutrition standards have changed a lot since 1890. Since then, dog foods have been made with better ingredients and more nutrients. Dry dog foods are now formulated to contain a certain percentage of protein and fats that are necessary for dogs to be their healthiest. This means that with a commercial dry dog food, you won’t need to feed your dog supplements to be healthy.

    When wet dog food was introduced, many people believed it was a healthier option for pets. In reality, both types of dog food are good options. It matters more what is right for your specific dog. You should speak to your vet about what food would be best for your dog. Dogs with dental problems are often put on wet dog food, while dogs with other medical conditions may need dry food to stay healthy.

    What’s the Difference Between Wet and Dry Dog Food?

    Both dry dog food and wet dog food can provide nutritionally balanced diets, but the major difference is in the way they are processed.

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