Is it OK to let your dog poop in someone’s yard? Let’s Explore

Is It Ok To Let Your Dog Walk On Other People’s Lawns?

You should never let your dog walk on other people’s lawns, especially when you know it can poop or pee anytime. When people take great care of their lawn and the garden, they don’t like dogs and animals ruining their property.

In many cases, the person can file a case against you or impose a fine for trespassing. After all, you’re using their property without their permission!

“Nice day, isn’t it?” Patrick said, from his front porch, as this lady’s poodle took a crap.

I suggested he take a page out of Jim Carrey’s playbook, from “Me, Myself, & Irene,” but he’s a bit too conservative for that approach…

Once one dog goes to the bathroom, another picks up the scent and wants to leave his or her mark, then another, then another, until finally every dog in the neighbourhood knows this spot as “the place” to let go.

The idea of “taking your dog from point-a to point-b” is something many dog-owners don’t learn, and sometimes, they’re in a hurry – and they let their dog go wherever they please, instead of waiting to get to the park. Hey, we all have busy lives, but if you can’t spend 15-minutes walking your dog to the park, and instead you prefer a 4-minute walk where your dog goes to the bathroom on your neighbour’s lawn, then maybe you don’t have time for a dog, dare I say…

Riverdale is home to many semi-detached homes, and the houses are much closer together than, say, Leaside, North Toronto, etc.

How to stop dogs from peeing on your garden.

If it’s your garden that’s on the receiving end, and you’re finding that your neighbors’ dogs are regularly peeing on your lawn, there are a few things you can do to deter them.

Ask Amy: How Can I Stop My Neighbor Dogs Pooping In My Yard?

We all love taking our dogs out for a walk in the evening. But when it wants to pee or poop, things can become difficult, especially when you don’t find a suitable place. In this case, letting your dog poop in a yard seems like the only option.

But is it illegal for your dog to poop in someone’s yard? It is illegal in some states, but not all, on top of being unethical. Some states and most big cities have a “pooper scooper law’”, which requires the owners to pick up their dog’s poop, otherwise, you will face a fine. If the neighbor is concerned about your dog trespassing by peeing in their yard, you can be sued.

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