Is Pet Corrector safe for puppies? Let’s Explore

Quit It! Instant Pet Trainer Corrective Spray

If you don’t care for the pheromone or the lavender chamomile scent, you’ll prefer this spray. All it does is hiss air, so it works similarly to the Sentry spray, but doesn’t have all the bells and whistles. While it’s only a four-ounce bottle, you can spray it 300 times. It should last quite a while! It is a little more expensive than the Sentry spray, but if you have an aversion to scents, it’s the can for you.

Additional Uses for Corrective Spray

If you carry pepper spray while out on your walks with your dog in the event that an aggressive dog charges you, consider bringing Sentry’s pheromone corrective spray along instead. I have had to spray bear spray at a dog once — I didn’t want to, but it was feral and sprinting toward Eira with its ears flat back and a snarl on its face. I sprayed the bear spray to the side of the dog because I couldn’t bring myself to fully spray the strong pepper into its face, and it stopped charging us but then stalked us all the way home.

Now, I have my harmless corrective spray. It works so well that I would fully trust using it instead of bear spray on a dog who was running aggressively toward me! Plus, you don’t have to worry about pepper stinging anyone’s skin or eyes. Like I mentioned before, the Sentry lavender chamomile spray smells amazing.

Is Pet Corrector safe for puppies?

We love the Sentry spray, which you can easily purchase on Amazon.

There are several additional spray-based products available, too. The fantastic thing is, the spray bottles last a long time because you only need to use them rarely, to great effect.

With this article, we are looking to stop certain unwanted behaviors that owners find problematic and are potentially dangerous for dogs. The goal is for the dog to learn that this particular behavior is not allowed. Just simply saying “No” and “Stop” is not enough. It must be followed up with a clear, consistent, and motivational interrupt.

– Timing is Critical: The timing of the interruption must come as soon as the dog begins to perform the action (barking, jumping, etc.). If the dog has already completed the behavior, you lost the opportunity to correct. In order for dogs to make a correlation, you must catch them in the act of the unwanted behavior.

Pet Corrector (PC) is simply a can of compressed air, making a “Hiss” sound similar to that of a computer keyboard cleaner. It is a noise interrupt that has many applications, including: Annoyance Barking, Counter Surfing, Jumping, Destroying of Household Items, Leash Biting, etc. Other less effective noise interrupts are a shake can full of pennies, clapping of your hands, slamming a door, or even raising your voice.

Important Takeaways…– Only use PC to address one issue at a time. Once solved, you can use it for another applications. Using for too many behaviors at once will devalue effectiveness, as the dog becomes desensitized.

– State the appropriate command (“Quiet”, “Off”, “Stop”, etc.) immediately followed up by Pet Corrector. In doing so, you give value to the particular command. This will allow you to eventually fade away from the use of the PC, as your dog will respond to your verbal command.

Pet Corrector – Improving Dog Manners