Is Pine Sol bad for dogs? A Step-by-Step Guide

No, Pine-Sol Isn’t Inherently Pet Safe

No, Pine-Sol is not safe for pets. It contains benzoic and sulfonic acids, alcohol, and used to contain pine oil—substances that can cause skin irritation, kidney failure, respiratory problems, and even worse.

The most toxic part of Pine-Sol was probably the pine essential oil, but even before the company stopped using it (to keep down costs) a bottle contained less than 10% mixed with all of the other toxins and water. (The original formula, which may have been more toxic to your pet, is still available online.)

Causes of Pine Oil Poisoning in Dogs

  • Chewing on or eating items with high concentrations of pine oil
  • Licking pine oil from feet or fur
  • Drinking pine oil from a bucket or other receptacle
  • Wood treated in creosote
  • Certain flooring materials
  • What should you do if your dog has ingested something toxic?

    Although the best thing that you can do if your dog has ingested something toxic is to seek a veterinarian’s help, there are things that you can do on your own. Take a look at the following:

    · Check the dog, especially its breathing, alertness, and behavior.

    · Take note of what was ingested and keep your dog away from it.

    · If the toxin got into your dog’s fur, try to wash it thoroughly and safely.

    · Do not attempt to give antidotes unless advised by a vet.

    · Call a vet and take your dog in as soon as possible.

    The first 24 hours of ingesting toxins is very crucial. It is important that you know what was ingested so that the vet will be able to provide the best treatment. They may give your pet IV fluids as well as activated charcoal as this should absorb the chemical and will later on pass through the kidneys. A gastric lavage and blood transfusion may be done too.

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