Is Purina Dog Chow or pedigree better? Essential Tips

Pedigree Dog Food vs. Purina Dog Chow Dog Food

Dry Dog Food Pedigree Purina Dog Chow
Crude Protein 25.8% 26.2%
Crude Fat 11.7% 12.3%
Crude Fiber 4.4% 4.9%
Wet/Canned Dog Food Pedigree Purina Dog Chow
Crude Protein 41.2% 49.5%
Crude Fat 22.3% 14.5%
Crude Fiber 6.1% 6.8%

Protein is an extremely important part of your dogs diet. Without sufficient protein, dogs can develop a wide-range of serious health problems.

Both brands provide roughly the same amount of crude protein. For wet dog foods, Purina Dog Chow provides significantly more protein (about 8.29% more).

Dietary fats serves a multitude of roles in the proper development and function of our canine companions. Here are some of the benefits (not exhaustive):

  • Help produce prostaglandins, which reduce inflammation among other critical functions.
  • Aid in the absorption of fat-soluble vitamins
  • Improve skin and coat health
  • Improve the palatially of your dogs food
  • As you can see, Pedigree and Purina Dog Chow guarantee a similar amount of crude fat. For wet dog foods, Pedigree provides more fat (about 7.79% more).

    Pedigree and Purina Dog Chow both provide roughly the same amount of crude fiber. With regards to wet dog food, Purina Dog Chow and Pedigree also provide roughly the same amount of crude fiber.

    Pedigree is Still the Biggest Petcare Company in the World

    Operated out of England, the company sells more pet food than any other organization in the world.

    They held a stranglehold on the global market for some time and then strengthened their grasp on the U.S. market by acquiring Los Angeles-based Kal Kan in 1968.

    In addition to their flagship Pedigree line, the company also owns brands like Sheba, Eukanuba, Cesar, IAMS, and Nutro, among others.

    Is Purina Dog Chow or pedigree better?

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    Purina Boasts a Wide Array of Specialized Brands

    While Pedigree seems to believe that dog food is dog food, Purina has gone the other direction to become one of the most specialized dog food companies in the world.

    They have several different brands (like ALPO, Beneful, and Mighty Dog, among others), but their primary Purina brand is largely divided into three major lines: Purina Dog Chow, Purina ONE, and Purina Pro Plan.

    Purina Dog Chow is just basic dog food, with recipes as imaginative as its name. The latter two brands, however, boast a wide variety of sub-brands, each of which is targeted at specific issues your dog may face.

    As a result, there’s a Purina recipe for just about anything you want to focus on with your dog, whether that’s making sure he ages gracefully, giving him gentle food for his sensitive stomach, or ensuring he gets the maximum amount of nutrition to fuel his active lifestyle.

    The Truth about the Best Dog Food [2022]

    If you have a pet friend in your family, surely, you will look for the best for it. One of the main elements you need to take special care of while taking care of your pet’s health is its food. Every pet and even every breed has different requirements when it is about food. Thus, it is crucial to check out the ingredients that your pet food has got.

    Several brands today claim to offer the best nutrient option for your pet. But whom to trust?

    Two of the major names that can be counted upon in this situation are Pedigree and Purina.

    But to get the best one for your pet, it is always a great idea to understand the pointers in Pedigree vs Purina first.