Is there a difference between hemp oil and CBD oil for dogs? A Step-by-Step Guide

Why do owners give their dogs CBD oil?

  • As a safe anti-inflammatory. Like humans and most other animals, dogs have an endocannabinoid system as part of their nervous systems, which means that dogs should be able to receive all the same benefits of CBD as humans (though no formal study has yet proved so). Perhaps the main benefit is its anti-inflammatory effect, making CBD oil for dogs with arthritis an effective treatment. Because human-grade NSAIDs like aspirin or Tylenol can be highly toxic to dogs, owners are often left relying on veterinary prescriptions when it comes to treating their pets. Enter CBD oil as a safe and natural alternative, which owners can give to their dogs without worrying.
  • As a calming supplement. While CBD has little to no intoxicating effect, many people do report a sense of increased calm and reduced anxiety after taking CBD, especially if taken regularly over a prolonged period. Although the evidence is still anecdotal, many owners report the same effects when CBD is given to anxious or hyper dogs. As this 2019 study from The Canadian Veterinary Journal shows, when it comes to owner judgments, CBD seems to be “equally or more effective than conventional medications” for treating canine restlessness, discomfort, or anxiety.
  • Which oil is better for treating pain in dogs?

    When it comes to managing pain, both oils have their own area of focus. Hemp seed oil can be thought of as more of an ongoing dietary supplement to help manage and support painful conditions such as arthritis, to which CBD oil is also considered a remedy.

    CBD oil, on the other hand, is a more acute treatment for aches and pains and is often combined by owners with other prescribed medications. (Note: even though CBD is a natural product, always check with your vet before doubling up on treatments.)

    What is CBD Oil for Dogs?

    Now it’s time to turn to the other side of cannabis and talk about CBD oil. Cannabidiol is a cannabinoid found in the hemp plant. Several cannabinoids come from hemp, another of which is tetrahydrocannabinol. THC levels are lower in hemp plants than in marijuana plants, which is why CBD products won’t get you or your dog “high.”

    Hemp oil does not include any cannabinoids because it is extracted from the plant’s seeds. On the other hand, CBD oil comes from hemp’s flowers and leaves, which are rich in cannabinoids. They may also contain trace amounts of THC, though never enough to cause psychoactive effects (0.3% or less).

    The Difference Between Hemp Oil & CBD Oil for Dogs

    As more and more people discover the benefits of CBD oil for their dogs, there’s more confusion about terms used to refer to particular hemp products. As part of our educational mission, we want to help our customers know the difference between hemp seed oil, CBD oil, and hemp oil for their pets.