Is there a national Brown Dog Day? Simple and Effective Tips

History of National Brown Dog Day

It can be hard to pick a favorite but National Brown Dog Day is here to enjoy and show appreciation for the friendship and support that is shown by these amazing little creatures, particularly the brown ones.

Whether chocolate, brown, or tan, for tens of thousands of years, dogs have been companions for people of all ages. National Brown Dog Day was established in 2021 to honor and celebrate those peppy pooches who come in any shade of brown!


Month-Long Observances

Week-Long Observances

  • Oct. 1-7: National Walk Your Dog Week. First full week of October.
  • Oct. 1-7: Animal Welfare Week. (AVMA). First full week of October.
  • Oct. 15-21: National Veterinary Technician Week. Sponsored by the National Association of Veterinary Technicians of America. Always celebrated during the third week in October.
  • Oct. 15-21: National Wolf Awareness Week. This awareness week hosted by the Timber Wolf Alliance is always the third week of October.
  • One-Day Pet Holidays


    Month-Long Observances

    Week-Long Holidays

  • Feb. 7-14: Have a Heart for Chained Dogs Week.
  • 3rd full week in February: National Drink Wine with Your Cat Week.
  • Feb. 19-25: National Justice for Animals Week.
  • One-Day Holidays

  • Feb. 1: World Galgo Day. This awareness day shines a light on the tragic fate of thousands of Galgos, a Spanish sighthound, left to die or killed at the end of Spain’s hunting season every year. Also known as World Greyhound Day.
  • Feb. 2: Sled Dog Day.
  • Feb. 2: National Brown Dog Day.
  • Feb. 3: Doggy Date Night.
  • Feb. 3: National Golden Retriever Day.
  • Feb. 5: World Animal Reiki Day.
  • Feb. 12: Safety Pup Day. An awareness effort by the National Child Safety Council (N.C.S.C.), this day features the work of Safetypup®, a puppy character who helps teach children about safety.
  • Feb. 14: Pet Theft Awareness Day.
  • Feb. 17: Cat Day (Dzień kota) in Poland.
  • Feb. 17: Cat Day in Italy.
  • Feb. 19: National Boston Terrier Day.
  • Feb. 20: National Love Your Pet Day.
  • Feb. 21: World Spay Day. Annual campaign by the Humane Society International and The Humane Society of the United States; held the last Tuesday of February. Created to combat the crisis of pet overpopulation in every corner of the globe, animal lovers are encouraged to spread the word through social media and help to raise funds for the paws cause.
  • Feb. 22: Cat Day in Japan.
  • Feb. 22: Marie Day. Designated by Walt Disney Japan, this day celebrates Marie of The AristoCats!
  • Feb. 22: Walking the Dog Day.
  • Feb. 23: International Dog Biscuit Appreciation Day and National Dog Biscuit Day.
  • National Brown Dog Day!