Jeffree Star Dog Names

Our hearts continue to break for Jeffree Star and his longtime boyfriend, Nathan Schwandt. On Saturday, October 5, the MUA broke the news that one of his Pomeranian pups, Daddy, passed away from complications stemming from a medical condition. This devastating loss comes just four months after the couple lost their other beloved dog, Diamond.

“With heavy hearts we have to share the devastating news that our dog Daddy passed away early this morning,” the 33-year-old tweeted, along with three significant photos of the late dog with both himself and his boyfriend. “His body couldn’t handle the surgery + the complications of his medical condition. I can’t put into words how much we love our pets and how much this hurts.”

Back on June 11, the couple took to Jeffree’s YouTube channel to share a heartbreaking announcement with fans about another one of their pups. “Today we have to share some devastating news … our beautiful baby girl Diamond passed away a few days ago,” the beauty guru captioned the video about his beloved dog.

“She was not only my best friend but the light in my world. Nathan and the rest of our family feel so heartbroken and have been crying for days,” he continued. “There is no love like the love I have for my dogs and I’m at a loss for words,” Jeffree added at the time, referring to his five other pups — Diva, Daddy, Delicious, Drama and Da Vinci.

As terrible as it is for Jeffree and Nathan, 26, to have to experience these losses, there is a comfort in knowing that they still have some amazing pooches to lean on during this difficult time. For those of you who don’t follow the Jeffree Star Cosmetics mogul closely, you may not be aware of just how adorable his fur babies are. So, let’s go ahead and get to know them, shall we?

When it comes to dogs, Jeffree and Nate definitely have a type — all of their puppers are Pomeranians. While none of them look exactly alike in color and size, they definitely share the same fluffy qualities. Needless to say, we stan.

Considering Jeffree is one busy bee, Nathan spends a lot of his time looking after the fur babies, especially in the mornings. “[Jeffree] needs his beauty sleep,” he told Cosmopolitan in 2017. Speaking of sleep, all of the puppers — yes, all of them — sleep in the bed with their dads. “Snuggling with five dogs in bed is the best thing ever,” Jeffree tweeted in August 2018 ahead of getting Da Vinci.

When it comes to keeping track of Jeffree and Nate’s dogs, unfortunately, they don’t have social accounts of their own. Jeffree did set up an Instagram account for Diva, Diamond and Delicious, but it hasn’t been active since 2016. Even so, he and Nate are constantly gushing over their little ones on their own accounts.

We hope that in time Jeffree, Nate and their four-legged babies are able to heal from the loss of both Diamond and Daddy. Snuggle your pups tight today, everyone.

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Everyone knows Jeffree Star lives for his furry family. The YouTuber has four Pomeranian pups – Diva, Delicious, Drama and Da Vinci – that he refers to as his “children”.

Well, did you know theres a little Diva, Delicious, Drama and Da Vinci inside all of us? And we know just how to find it. Dont believe us? Well, theres only one way to find out…

How many dogs does Jeffree Star have?

Jeffree Star initially had six dogs, but two of them passed away leaving him with four.

Then, he revealed in a YouTube video earlier this year that he had just bought two new puppies during lockdown, seeing quarantine as the perfect time to become a new dog-mom.

What breed are Jeffree Star’s dogs?

All of the six dogs are Pomeranians. These pooches are very popular for their tiny size and fluffy coat, typically being a very friendly, lively and playful breed. This content could not be loaded