My Dog Ate Makeup

Dogs are ingesting the hormone-warping chemicals commonly found in makeup, creams and shampoos — and it could be making them sick, according to a new study.

New York State Department of Health researchers tested dogs’ and cats’ food and pee for the cheap preservatives known as “parabens” — which have been shown to have potentially harmful affects on health, according to their report.

They found that kitties mostly ingest parabens through cat food — with dry food containing more than wet — but pooches are also exposed to other sources of the po compound.

They say it could explain why dogs who spend more time indoors are more likely to get sick with diabetes, hypothyroidism and kidney disease.

Is makeup harmful to dogs?

Can a dog pass a makeup sponge?

It’s important to note that most cosmetics are not toxic.

Fortunately, he managed to throw it up. This may not be the case for other dogs though. Beauty blenders, or makeup sponges, can clog the gastrointestinal tract and cause major health issues for your dog, even if they’re swallowed in pieces.

“These products are very effective in killing viruses and bacteria because they have a large amount of isopropyl alcohol, which is an antiseptic,” says Flansburg-Cruz. But what’s good for keeping away germs is bad for your pets’ health. “One of the main concerns with volatile substances like alcohol is the risk of aspiration pneumonia,” she says. Ingesting even a small amount of hand sanitizer is also very irritating to a pet’s gastrointestinal tract. Keep sanitizers away from pets and let your hands dry fully before playtime.

Many deodorant brands contain aluminum, which can be toxic to pets, says Flansburg-Cruz. “If a curious pet ingests a small amount of deodorant or if, for some reason, she has skin contact with the product and then licks it off, she may experience stomach upset,” she says. If your pet is vomiting, bring her to the veterinarian immediately. : vadym94 / Shutterstock Hand Sanitizers

Because of its round shape, pets may think your foundation-covered sponge is a toy. If accidentally ingested, makeup applicators could cause a gastrointestinal obstruction, which may require surgery. If your makeup sponge turns up missing, monitor your pet for vomiting and dehydration. : Africa Studio / Shutterstock Shampoos

Most fake nail glues contain polyurethane, says Flansburg-Cruz. If ingested, your pet may experience vomiting, stomach pain, and lack of appetite and energy. It could take anywhere from 15 minutes to 20 hours for your pet to show signs of toxicity. “Inducing vomiting is not often recommended,” says Dr. Flansburg-Cruz. If something caustic is ingested, inducing vomiting may damage the esophagus, which is difficult to repair, she says. : motorolka / Shutterstock Steroid Creams

Hair mousse contains ingredients like acetic acid, aluminum sulfate, hydrochloric acid, and sulfuric acid. These can cause tissue damage if ingested or absorbed through your animal’s skin, says Kraemer. Signs of intoxication include skin ulcers, oral ulcers, vomiting with or without blood, abdominal pain, nervous system problems, and coughing. If you observe any of these signs you should take your pet to the nearest veterinary clinic, says Dr. Kraemer. In cases of intoxication with acid substances, it is not recommended to induce vomiting. : JPC-PROD / Shutterstock Tea Tree Oil

Is putting makeup on an animal abuse?

No. The Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act, regulated by the FDA, prohibits the sale of mislabeled and “adulterated” cosmetics, but does not require that animal tests be conducted to demonstrate that the cosmetics are safe.


What happens if my dog ate my makeup?

If accidentally ingested, makeup applicators could cause a gastrointestinal obstruction, which may require surgery. If your makeup sponge turns up missing, monitor your pet for vomiting and dehydration.

What happens if a dog eats mascara?

Mascara is typically non-toxic, but it may be if he ate any if the tube pieces, they could cause some damage to his GI tract. If you see vomiting, diarrhea, blood in his feces, anorexia, or lethargy, I’d have him seen by a vet. Otherwise, he should be fine.

Can I put eyeshadow on my dog?

If you’re planning to decorate your pet’s fur with paint or makeup, you need to be very careful about what products you use. Never use regular paints or makeup intended for human use on your pet.

How do you get makeup off a dog?

Make a paste of baking soda and water, and brush it into the stain. Let dry and then wipe off with a damp cloth. If any stain still remains, repeat.