My Dog Hates The Gentle Leader

If your dog is not getting comfortable with the Gentle Leader, you may need to find a new training tool for them to practice. Some dogs learn quickly with the Gentle Leader, while others may never get comfortable with it.

It Takes Time to Train

Since associating the Gentle Leader with something positive takes more time than simply putting a collar on your dog, time and patience must be considered.

Most Dogs Won’t Like it (At first)

Most people believe dogs don’t like the Gentle Leader because it restricts their mouth, but that’s typically not the case. Most dogs don’t like the Gentle Leader at first because they aren’t used to it.

When introducing the Gentle Leader to your dog for the first time, put it on during mealtime or while giving them a treat. Your dog will eventually associate the Gentle Leader with something positive rather than viewing it as something they don’t like or trust.

It’s worth mentioning that many dogs have an aversion to anything that goes around their neck. Wearing collars and walking on a leash aren’t behaviors dogs are born with. It’s a behavior that is (hopefully) taught by their owner.

How Does The Gentle Leader Work?

The Gentle Leader will move your dog’s head and body back towards you when they pull, tug, or try to run away.

It is designed to redirect your dog’s attention and attitude by making them look back at you and ignore any distractions.

There is a chance that your dog could suffer some hair loss, especially if they tend to pull more than other dogs.

If your dog seems to be losing hair after wearing the Gentle Leader, you could treat it with medicine, or you may need to use the harness differently.


How do I get my dog to like the Gentle Leader?

Continually feed him special treats while his Gentle Leader is on him. Keep the Gentle Leader on for about 10 to 15 seconds during the first few trials. Take the Gentle Leader off of your dog’s muzzle.

Can a Gentle Leader hurt a dog?

Dogs hate Gentle Leaders.

Consider this: Dogs hate Gentle Leaders so much that you have to condition them to accept just putting one on.

What is the easiest way to get a Gentle Leader on a hesitant dog?

Simply distract the dog, perhaps even walking briskly forward and encouraging the dog to follow, then give him treats for obeying. Key to successful training with a Gentle Leader (™) is to use positive, reward-based training methods and only to use gentle pressure on the lead.

What’s wrong with a Gentle Leader?

The problem with a flat collar is that if your dog is powerful and gets into that fixated mode, it is going to be really hard to snap them out of it. Moreover, redirecting the dog with a flat collar can causing choking or uncomfortable pain to your dog, which may further escalate the behavior!