Not Sure If My Dog Ate A Tampon

The act of eating a tampon is extremely common in the canine population, no matter how odd or gross it may seem to us.

In this article we will discuss what can happen when your dog eats a tampon, and help you better understand the treatment options available to your pup.

What happens if my dog ate my tampon?

Will My Dog Be OK If He Ate a Tampon?

Tampons are designed to withstand being inside the body for a long time and are usually made of cotton or plastics. Applicators are usually plastic too, although some are made from cardboard. This means both tampons and tampon applicators aren’t able to be digested by the gut. They’ll need to come out, one way or another, in pretty much the same condition they went in. Tampons are even worse than other foreign objects, as unused tampons will swell in the stomach, making them larger and more difficult to pass.

If your dog ate a tampon and it passes out of the stomach into the gut, it may scrape along the lining of the guts, causing pain and bloody diarrhea. At certain sections of the gut, often when it narrows or turns a corner, the tampon can become stuck. This is known as a blockage or bowel obstruction, which can rapidly become life-threatening.

Dog Ate Tampon: How Long to Pass?

Bowel obstructions will typically cause vomiting, loss of appetite, pain, and diarrhea within 24 to 72 hours of eating the object. Dogs quickly become dehydrated and aren’t able to keep down food or water. Because tampons are so absorbent, they can dry out the gut wall when they’re stuck. This will cause damage to the gut wall. It can stretch very thin over the blockage, and even die or burst and spill its contents, leading to peritonitis – an infection that can easily become fatal.

Not Sure If My Dog Ate A Tampon

Talk to a vet

The most important step that you can take is to call a vet immediately.

If its the weekend or middle of the night and you cant get into a vet, chat a Pawp vet online for free. They can help you understand the best next step to take, whether its monitoring your dog at home or taking them to an emergency vet for an x-ray.

Not Sure If My Dog Ate A Tampon

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How do I know if my dog ate a tampon?

Sylvalyn Hammond, “Tampons are an unfortunately common cause of intestinal blockage in canines. The first signs of blockage are typically vomiting and anorexia. Some dogs will experience diarrhea at first, but typically fecal production will cease altogether, as nothing is moving through.”

How long does it take for a tampon to pass through a dog?

In some very lucky dogs, the tampon may be vomited back up again immediately, or be passed through the gut successfully and exit at the other end (after about two to five days), but there is always a risk of complications developing.