Pug Myelopathy When To Euthanize

A common neurological disease in dogs is pug myelopathy, a disorder that causes seizures. The muscle spasms and incoordination of the affected dogs makes it hard for them to move around normally, causing difficulty eating or drinking. Although there are treatment options available, many owners opt to euthanize their animals because of the extreme discomfort they face on a daily basis with their condition,.

Pug Myelopathy is a condition that affects the spinal cord and can cause paralysis. It’s important to know when it’s time to euthanize your pug.

When to put down a dog with degenerative myelopathy? Generally, a dog with canine degenerative myelopathy will be euthanized or put down within 6 months to 3 years after diagnosis. Based on the stage of the disease and how it impacts your dog’s quality of life, the vet will advise when to put down a dog accordingly.

Is degenerative myelopathy in dogs painful?

Whilst canine degenerative myelopathy might look painful, the reality is different. It is not a painful condition and in most cases, dogs can still exercise during the early stages, despite the disabilities they face.

Symptoms of Canine Degenerative Myelopathy in Dogs

Early degenerative myelopathy symptoms may not be noticeable. But with time, as the disease progresses, its symptoms become evident.

How Long Will Your Dog Live With Degenerative Myelopathy?

As mentioned earlier, degenerative myelopathy life expectancy for dogs is between six months to three years. Please note that this disease tends to progress fast through the three stages, early, mid, and late. This quick progression may force you to put down your dog after a year or two from diagnosis.

Your dog getting diagnosed with this disease early enough means that the dog may live longer. But you can’t count on this theory, as it depends on how fast the disease progresses and how strong your dog is to stand the discomfort.

With the above treatment options, you can help prolong the life expectancy of a dog suffering from degenerative myelopathy.


What are the final stages of degenerative myelopathy in dogs?

In the late stages of degenerative myelopathy, after about one year, your dog will show spasmodic movement in the hind legs and tail. Sometimes, you will see an unjustified kicking out of the rear legs and the tail will lower and rise as if the dog was about to defecate.

How long does a dog live with degenerative myelopathy?

Sadly, most dogs with degenerative myelopathy eventually lose control of their legs, bladder and bowels completely, and need to be put to sleep. The average life expectancy of a dog with degenerative myelopathy is 1-2 years from diagnosis.

How fast does myelopathy progress?

How quickly does degenerative myelopathy progress? Unfortunately DM tends to progress very quickly. Most dogs that have been diagnosed with degenerative myelopathy will become paraplegic within six months to a year.

Should you put a paralyzed dog to sleep?

The good news is that paralysis does not have to be an end of life decision. If your dog is happy and showing no signs of pain there is no reason to euthanize your pup and with just a little extra help from you, they are able to live normal, active lives!