Puppy Falling Down Stairs

There are several different reasons as to why your dog keeps falling down the stairs, and it’s concerning when you notice this change in your dog. While sometimes falling down the stairs is due to an underlying medical issue, there are other reasons you might not be thinking about that could be the root cause.

Head Injury

Loss of balance can also be a consequence of a head injury or even ataxia, which can lead to your dog falling down the stairs.

If you notice your pet having trouble walking or keeping their balance, or if the dog fell down the stairs, think about the injuries they may have had recently. A small head bump can turn into something far more serious if not treated on time.

Noticing the Dog’s Fall from the Stairs

As a dog owner, you are used to hearing different noises around the house when your dog is playing, jumping, running, and attracting your attention. If your dog likes to go up and down the stairs while you watch the TV in the living room, you may disregard the strange sound of bumping.

After you hear this more than once when your pooch is playing around the staircase, approach your dog immediately after you hear the bump and examine the dogs behavior and body.

Your dog cannot tell you if theyre afraid, hurt or confused. Examine a dogs outer appearance by moving around the fur to check if there are any bruises, cuts or lacerations, as these are the clear consequences of suffering a fall from the stairs.

Don’t be surprised if your pup looks confused, or even barking, or trembling, because these are common signs of shock, surprise, or fear. If there is something wrong with your dog’s inner ear, they will not be able to understand that.

The most serious consequence of a fall from the stairs is head injury, which is sometimes the most difficult to notice. If there is blood on your dog’s head, this can be the consequence of a skull fracture caused by rolling down the stairs.

Also, if your pooch seems disoriented and is limping, or losing consciousness, this can be caused by a concussion or other type of brain injury which is also proof that your dog fell down the stairs.

Staircase Design

The most benign reason, which shouldn’t be undermined, is that the stairs are not properly designed for your pet to go up and down.

Many materials used for regular staircases in houses, often popular in modern interior designs, are too slippery for dogs, such as hardwood or tiles.

If you have a small breed dog in your household and very high or steep stairs, it can be difficult for them to climb the staircase. That doesn’t mean that the dog won’t try to go upstairs anyway.

Broken stairs somewhere along the staircase or a piece missing on them are also common causes of dogs falling down the stairs.


What to do if puppy falls down stairs?

Look for some of the following signs of injury in your dog:
  1. Yelping is a clear sign that your dog is in pain.
  2. Check your dog for any surface injuries such as cuts, scrapes, or protruding bones.
  3. Look at the dog’s front and back legs. …
  4. Some broken bones might not be visible. …
  5. Injured dogs will breathe faster than normal.

How do you know if your dog is hurt after a fall?

Call and visit your veterinarian.

Your veterinarian will be able to best identify and treat any injuries your dog may have after its fall. If your dog has severe injuries, take it to an emergency veterinarian immediately.