Raw Instinct Dog Food

What is raw pet food? Protein-packed, nutrient-rich, whole-food nutrition.

Food is one of the most important choices you can make for your pet, and raw pet food is the pinnacle of pet nutrition. Our raw recipes are minimally processed, protein-packed, and never cooked to keep more nutrients intact than cooked pet food.

At Instinct, we provide a variety of ways to add raw to your pet’s routine. That includes frozen raw meals, freeze-dried raw meals, raw toppers, kibble boosted with raw, and more. Because raw diets don’t have to be all-or-nothing for your pet to reap the raw benefits.

Raw Instinct Dog Food

Our purest form of raw nutrition – minimally processed, never cooked, nutrient dense and frozen for freshness.

Raw Instinct Dog Food

Shelf stable raw meals freeze-dried for convenience; an easy upgrade from kibble.

Raw Instinct Dog Food

Protein packed kibble combined with freeze-dried raw bites — a better way to feed kibble.

Raw Instinct Dog Food

An easy way to add raw to any food for protein, taste and nutrition.

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Here are the most common changes pet parents have seen:

Instinct Raw Longevity 20% Freeze-Dried Raw Meal Blend

  • The most raw per bowl compared to other raw+kibble products – giving your pets proven health benefits, backed by science
  • Research shows that 20% raw is an important minimum threshold to reap the benefits of raw
  • Customized, grain-free recipes for puppies, adults, and adults 7+
  • Supports heart, immune, gut, and skin and coat health
  • Exclusively available at Neighborhood Pet stores

  • The original kibble boosted with raw, combining high-protein kibble with freeze-dried raw pieces for added nutrition and taste
  • Grain-free options for dogs of all ages and sizes, and recipes made with functional ingredients for common health concerns
  • Probiotic boost, higher Omegas* and more antioxidants* *compared to Instinct Original
  • Supports immune, gut, and skin and coat health