Sea Of Thieves Titles

Sea Dogs[]

These Titles are earned by completing Sea Dogs related tasks & Commendations.

Note: Due to the Removal of The Arena, these titles are no longer able to be acquired unless you previously met the requirements for them.

Promotion Titles are earned by purchasing the associated promotion unlocked at the Reputation Levels noted below.

Title Reputation Level
Arena Pup 5
Arena Mutt 10
Arena Terrier 15
Arena Fox 20
Arena Hound 25
Arena Bulldog 30
Arena Jackal 35
Arena Coyote 40
Arena Wolf 45
Arena Master 50

These Titles are all unlocked by completing the related Sea Dogs Commendations of the same name to its top Grade.

Cursed Sails[]

Title Description & Requirements
Devils Cartographer Discover all islands in the Devils Roar.
Master Devils Voyager Complete all Devils Voyager Commendations.
Master Cargo Runner Deliver 100 pieces of cargo on time and in prime condition.
Legendary Cargo Runner Deliver 200 pieces of cargo on time and in prime condition.

Festival of Fishing[]

These Titles were available to earn from Festival of Fishing (February 2021).

Title Description & Requirements
Fanatical Fisher Selling 100 Fish during the Festival of Fishing. Time-limited
Hunters Hero Completed all 21 Goals from the Festival of Fishing. Time-limited


Where are titles in Sea of Thieves?

Pirate Legend

The title of Pirate Legend is a very sought after title in Sea of Thieves. It’s the highest rank that you can achieve and it opens up new areas, quests and rewards for players who manage to reach it.

How do you get the title Legend of Sea of Thieves?

A Title is a vanity item in Sea of Thieves. Once acquired, they are stored in the Vanity Chest on the player’s ship.