Should I take puppy out of crate at night to pee? Find Out Here

Make sure your pup is ready for sleep

If your pup is exhausted from playtime and running around before putting him in his puppy crate, this will make him less likely to wake up every hour or so, and immediately relieve his small bladder. When training a puppy, try and make sure that he is ready for a good, long snooze, and really tire him out before bedtime. He will be so pooped that he’ll be more likely to sleep right through the night, making a more fulfilling day for him, and a pee-free night for you! According to the Humane Society of the United States, most puppies can actually sleep for up to seven hours without relieving themselves—so it definitely is possible.

Stop all eating and drinking a few hours before bed

Have you ever drunk a large glass of water just before bed only to wake up in the middle of the night desperate for a pee? Well, it is just the same for your little pup when you place him in a dog crate. By stopping him from eating and drinking late at night is a great way to crate train your pup and will definitely help curb overnight accidents; however, you are going to need to make absolutely sure that, before doing so, your pup has had his fill—you don’t want a hungry or thirsty pup on your hands. When you stop your pup from eating and drinking a few hours before bed, he will have had the opportunity to go potty at least once or twice during that period of time. Hopefully, he will empty out everything, making it far less likely that he will need to go to the bathroom in the next few hours—even if he is a very young pup!

If My Puppy Is Crying At Night, Does That Mean He Needs To Go Pee?

If your puppy is crying or acting restless in his crate, you could let him outside and see if he needs to go to the bathroom. He could also be crying because he wants attention or because he is afraid of something.

Puppies can also cry out and bark in their sleep during their dream cycles, but this doesn’t mean they need to be woken up. Determining why your puppy is crying is very personal to the individual puppy and situation, but generally it’s better to be safe than sorry and you should go ahead and take your puppy outside to see if they need to potty.

If the puppy does not potty and continues to cry and bark in his crate, but is quiet when you remove him, then it is likely he is only attempting to get attention and to be let out of the crate rather than having the need to potty.

Puppy Potty Training At Night WITHOUT Setting An Alarm – Bringing Home A New Puppy Episode 6

When you get a new puppy, the first few weeks may be a bit hectic while working to get the puppy house trained and on a strict potty schedule. Throughout the day you have your puppy on a consistent schedule for going outside to potty, but then bedtime comes along, and you are unsure if you should continue your potty-training schedule throughout the night, even at the cost of your and your puppy’s sleep schedule.

Puppies do not generally need to be woken up at night to go potty, unless under the direction of a veterinarian or if your puppy has a health condition. As long as you are sticking to a consistent training schedule, you (and your puppy) can sleep through the night.

Below we will go over the reasoning as to why you do not need to wake your puppy up to potty at night, and possible situations in which you SHOULD wake your puppy up to potty at night. We will also cover what not to do to ensure your puppy sleeps soundly through the night.