Should you carry a puppy outside? A Complete Guide

When can Puppies go Outside to Potty?

Even if you carry your puppy outside many times a day to experience these things, potty-training progress will be delayed by not being on the ground.

You’ll need to teach her to relieve herself on puppy pads* to start. Later, you’ll have to teach her all over again to relieve herself in the yard. This may be inevitable if you go out to work, but if you can, you’ll both benefit from teaching her to pee and poop outdoors from the start.

Early recall training involves moving away from your puppy while she trots after you. Getting your puppy to follow you is the basis of more formal recall training that you will be doing later on.

It’s important to get your puppy following you around in different outdoor locations while she’s small if you can. This will put you in good stead later when she is more independent.

Your garden or yard is the ideal place to begin this practice. For these reasons, the majority of puppy owners allow their puppies in the yard from their first days at home.

If you live in a high-risk area and cannot do this, it is important to carry your puppy out as often as you can and in different types of weather.

How can I exercise my puppy if they can’t go for walks?

Make the most of all the ‘safe outdoor spaces’ you have around the house – such as back and front gardens, patios etc. They get to walk on different surfaces, see what is going on outside the back door, hear the sounds of the world around them, and begin to get a hint of all the fascinating smells that the great outdoors has to offer.

Play games in your garden, spend time letting your puppy explore and investigate, or just hang out together in the sunshine. You can set up a puppy pen so you can both relax too. Puppies are full of energy, but they tire very easily so exploring the garden and playing with you will be more than enough exercise for them when they are very young.

How To Transition A Puppy To Going Outside To Pee On Their Own

To get your puppy to go outside to pee on his own, establish a toilet schedule with a dedicated toilet spot. Praise your puppy when he does what you want, and be prepared in case of accidents or other pitfalls.

Can I take my puppy outside before vaccinations?

Desperate to take your puppy outside? Find out when it’s safe for you to take them on their first big adventure into the big, wide world.

It’s hardly surprising that you want to take your puppy out to experience the wonders that exist beyond the confines of your home – to meet fellow puppies, break in their lead and be stopped by endless streams of passers-by, all craving the chance of a cuddle with your new best friend. However it is not safe for young, unvaccinated puppies to go outside just yet.