Should you keep food and water in a dog crate? What to Know

Should I leave food and water in my puppy’s crate?

It is best to avoid leaving food and water in your puppy’s crate. There are 2 consequences of leaving water in a puppy’s crate:

  • Puppies fill-up on water very quickly and they could have a ‘potty accident’ in the crate.
  • Being playful and somewhat clumsy, they could tip over the food and/or water bowl, making a mess in the crate.
  • Why You Should Trust Me?

    Personally, I’ve picked the brains of numerous vets, breeders, and a variety of other dog owners.

    I’ve been a part of many conversations on all things dog-related, including how to best take care of them while they are crated.

    I know what works in a crate (water bowls that attach to the crate) and what doesn’t work in a crate (water bowls placed on the floor where your dog can knock them over).

    As someone who has also been working full-time for those fifteen years, I’ve raised dogs successfully despite needing to be gone from 9-5 each day, which means they’ve had to spend a fair amount of time in a crate.

    First-hand experience tells me what has worked for my dogs in a crate and what you’ll want to avoid while your dog is crated!

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    Should I leave water in dog crate at night?

    Ready access to water is as essential for keeping dogs hydrated as it is for people. But crating your dog complicates things. A water bowl inside a crate can spill and leave your dog uncomfortable—in what should be her cozy, inviting den. During housetraining, the ramifications are even worse.

    Your priority is always giving your dog easy access to fresh water. Keeping that goal top of mind, you can wisely determine whether to crate her without water, how long you can leave her crated without water, and the instances where water in the dog crate is a good idea.