Spiked Dog Collars For Protection

Protect against neck bites with a CoyoteCollar™

The CoyoteCollar has outrageous 1″ battle ready spikes. If a predator tries to bite this collar — it will bite back! The “neck bite/death shake” scenario is off the table.

This Spiked Collar is made with a 1″ wide, sturdy PU leather strap and hard plastic chrome plated spikes. Its looks very nice and its perfect for occasional use but over time the PU leather will start to show signs of wear. If you need a collar that can be worn everyday and will last a long time we recommend our durable CoyoteCollar.

*Please Note…They are not chew toys. The purpose of these collars is to help protect your dog during a sudden vicious attack. We do not use metal spikes because they are too heavy, instead we use spikes that are made from a very hard plastic. If your dog just chews on the plastic spikes they will get ruined in short order. If you think one of your dogs will just chew on this collar it is not the right choice for you.

Spiked collars are a great way to make sure your dog has some protection if theres ever an unexpected attack. We designed this beautiful spiked collar with alternating length spikes and decorative rivets that give it a “dont mess with me” style and “you cant mess with me” functionality. There is a small loop at the top of the collar for attaching a leash – important so that collar stays upright and the spikes dont tangle in the leash.

*Please Note… Without a leash gravity and a loose fit can allow the coyote collar to spin such that the spikes end up at the bottom of the neck. A workaround is to add a spacer, washer, heavy charm (anything with weight) to the D Ring by the buckle of the Collar. This will give more weight to keep spikes at the top of the neck.

AOLOVE Basic Classic Adjustable Spiked Dog Collar

  • Small size: 0.6″*11.8″(1.5cm*30cm), neck 7.8-10.2″(20-26cm) / Please check the pets neck size before you confirm the…
  • Material: Genuine Cow Leather + Alloy
  • 5 adjustment holes for adjustment
  • Material: Genuine Leather

    Measurements: 7.8 to 10.2 inches

    Biggest Pro: It comes in a variety of styles for you to choose from.

    The Aolove Basic Classic Adjustable Spiked Dog Collar comes in 12 different colors in addition to the traditional black and brown options. That way if you feel your dog personality is best captured by a brighter and more fun color, you have plenty to choose from.


    Why do people put spiked collars on their dogs?

    A heavy spiked collar is protective neck armor, if it is wide enough it will also distribute force and help prevent damage to the throat when the dog pulls on the leash. With that in mind, spiked collars do not belong on any dog that can be reasonably expected to play with another dog.

    What dog collar is the strongest?

    What Do Spiked Dog Collars Do? The main purpose of spiked dog collars is to protect the most vulnerable locations on a dog. If a predator were to try and attack a dog, it would target the neck and throat.