Ultrasonic Rabbit Repellent Safe For Dogs

Ultrasonic pest repellers are devices that emit ultrasonic or high-frequency noise at a high volume (anything above 20kHz). They are considered a humane pest control method that was initially thought of by Chinese farmers millennia ago.

When ultrasonic pest repellers emit ultrasonic sounds, they cause confusion, convulsions, and irritated. The pests are then forced to run away from and avoid the areas which cause these discomfiting effects.

Thankfully humans don’t hear sound at such frequencies, so we don’t get to experience adverse reactions to these devices.

It means that they can be affected by ultrasonic pest repellents. Generally, the repellents don’t affect dogs and cats drastically. However, they affect other domesticated animals such as hamsters and rabbits negatively.

Luster Leaf Organic Deer and Rabbit Repellent – Best Value

These organic animal repellents from Luster leaf are one of the longest lasting repellents on the market. Unlike other repellents which are sprayed in your yard, or sprinkled around your garden or trees, Luster Leaf chooses a different method altogether to deter animals.

This repellent is a spike that you place in the ground around your garden. It’s made with a blend of garlic oil and soybean oil, and the scent it produces deters deer and rabbits from entering your garden or other areas in your yard.

This repellent works for a longer period than any other repellent on our list and only needs to be replaced every 6-8 months, which makes it a great value pick.

  • Long lasting
  • 100% organic
  • Easy to use
  • Can be clipped to fences or low hanging tree branches or staked in the ground
  • Not as effective as options containing dried blood or eggs
  • Ultrasonic Rabbit Repellent Safe For Dogs

    Luster Leaf Organic Deer and Rabbit Repellent

    If you’re looking for a comprehensive solution for your rabbit problem, this product from Bonide may be your best choice.

    Not only does Repels-All keep rabbits away, but it also works on deer, dogs, cats, chipmunks, raccoons and more.

    This product uses a blend of dried blood, rotten eggs, and garlic oil to create a powerful repellent that nuisance animals want nothing to do with. While other products use different blends of ingredients, the ingredients in Repels-All are accepted as the industry standard for keeping small animals away from your gardens and trees.

  • Highly effective
  • Made in America
  • Safe for all animals, including pets, and children
  • Must be reapplied every two months
  • Expensive
  • For my part, I think it’s not just about buying a repellent and that’s it! Your rabbit will run away and no longer have bad habits (urinating on the couch, scratching everywhere, indulging where he is not supposed to, etc. ..) Between a rabbit and its owner, there must be a certain bond, a strong communication that will facilitate the education of your animal. So I think it is useful to go beyond the tips found around the internet to educate a rabbit. You must seriously research rabbits to better understand them. Once you have learned the basics of dressage, you will find that any repellent will be effective because you will communicate to your rabbit and he will know that you do not want him to do such and such a thing! It is all in communication

    Above all, you must understand that the rabbit is a territorial animal that leaves olfactory prints everywhere. It is essential for its survival. For this, he can urinate where he intends to mark his territory. He can also use the glands on his face or scratch to print his marks.

    Know also that rabbits do not perceive smells like humans. What seems nauseating to him can be a good smell for him. He will not stop urinating or confining himself to this place. This is why it is necessary to use a rabbit repellent, that is to say a product whose smell is unseemly for the animal only.

    Finally, coatings are another device more or less effective. Some rabbits hate sticky, wet, or slip-resistant materials. Therefore, you can coat your chair or the edges of some double-sided adhesive furniture and nets.

    There are also ultrasonic repellent devices. They emit sounds that only the rabbit can hear, over a range of 100 to 200 m². To prevent rabbits escaping from the house for example, it may be useful to put a device of this type at the entrance of the gate. The rabbit will have no desire to venture to the door , and rabbits living outside of your home will not even think about entering your home. This device is not harmful to humans. However, its effectiveness is somewhat controversial. While many people claim that the ultrasonic rabbit repellent is very effective, I personally do not think that ultrasound is as effective as that for hunting animals. I say it mainly because of these applications that are supposed to repel mosquitoes, rats emitting ultrasounds. You agree with me that it has no effect on mosquitoes. So maybe those who say that the ultrasonic rabbit repellent is effective are not wrong, but I remain skeptical.


    How do I get rid of rabbits without harming my dog?

    Bonide Shot-Gun Repels-All – Best Overall

    Not only does Repels-All keep rabbits away, but it also works on deer, dogs, cats, chipmunks, raccoons and more. This product uses a blend of dried blood, rotten eggs, and garlic oil to create a powerful repellent that nuisance animals want nothing to do with.

    Can you use ultrasonic pest repeller around dogs?

    Conclusion. We all want to control pests within our homes and feel safe without any risk to our health. Using an ultrasonic pest repeller is an effective way to control rodents. Besides being safe to use around kids, ultrasonic pest repellers have not been proven harmful to dogs.

    Is rabbit Scram safe for dogs?

    Q- Is Rabbit Scram safe around children and pets? Rabbit Scram contains all natural organic materials that won’t harm humans or pets. Your children and favorite pets are completely safe in your garden, even immediately after applying Rabbit Scram.

    Do ultrasonic pest repellers work against rabbits?

    Nonchemical products such as sprinklers and ultrasonic repellents may cause distress to an animal, but they do not hurt rabbits, making them a humane as well as an environmentally friendly option for repelling these floppy-eared invaders.