What age can Puppies have Nylabones? The Ultimate Guide

What Is a Nylabone

Nylabone is a generic term used for a hard, generally non-edible plastic toy. Nylabone is also a brand that sells a variety of pup products. There are several different types of Nylabones, and they can come in several different flavors. As suggested by the name, Nylabones are made of nylon – a thermoplastic polymer that can be turned into fabric, toothbrushes, car parts, and plastic film for food.

The Nylabone brand started in 1955, providing dog toys and also becoming the world’s largest pet book publisher. Today, Nylabone sells a variety of products from edible to non-edible chews, dental chews, puppy chews, and toys.

In addition to the Nylabone brand, there are a variety of other brands that make Nylabone-like products such as Benebone, Petstages, and Pet Qwerks.

Best Nylabone Products for Puppies 0-3 Months Old

Nylabone carries a line of products specifically for puppies who haven’t grown adult teeth yet. The softer rubber bones help ease teething pain, and they last a long time. Eira’s favorite bone, the simple chicken-flavored Puppy Chew Bone from Nylabone, lasted her for three months. When it got too small and became a choking hazard, I threw it away. (And got her a new one!)

What age can Puppies have Nylabones?

Eira as a young puppy, napping with a Kong toy and her first Nylabone.

If you purchase this bone for a puppy without adult teeth—and who isn’t yet a strong chewer—it should take your pup time to break it down into a piece too small to chew. The bone becomes textured and somewhat stringy on the ends where the puppy chews, which acts like a toothbrush and floss on your dog’s teeth.

Still, make sure you don’t leave your pup with this bone all night, and keep an eye on her when she’s chewing it during the day. If you notice any pieces break off that are big enough for your dog to choke on, take the bone and pieces away. It’s time for a bigger Nylabone, or better yet, an edible Nylabone!

Yes, Nylabone makes edible chews. Eira’s favorites were these lamb- and apple-flavored Healthy Edibles chews.

Shaped like little barnyard animals, the chews’ delightful texture and taste kept Eira busy during many car rides that would otherwise have been disastrous. The chews worked better than the melatonin tablets I gave her to try to keep her calm!

If your pup needs extra soothing, try Nylabone’s Puppy Pacifier.

With an irresistible bacon flavor and an exciting ring with two dangling soothers, this pacifier keeps your puppy’s attention off your winter boots and leather work shoes.

Are Nylabones Safe for Puppies?

Even if chew toys are generally safe when you pick the perfect size, are Nylabones safe for puppies as well? The same rules apply here, too.

If you have a puppy, then pick a smaller toy but big enough for him not to swallow. Use the above-mentioned guidelines on how to choose Nylabones safe for dogs. In addition, the company also has specifically formulated toys for puppies to make it easier.

Always check the “Chew Meter” when buying Nylabones for puppies:

Best Puppy Chew Toys for Teething

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