What are 100 facts about dogs? The Ultimate Guide

Dogs can learn more than 1,000 words

Dogs have an amazing sense of vocabulary, with the ability to learn more than 1,000 words! For example, a Border Collie named Chaser knows both nouns and verbs and can understand them enough to shape an action. Research on the subject is in full swing, with programs dedicated to dog psychology at universities including Duke University, Yale University, and Barnard College.

What are 100 facts about dogs?

Dogs sniff butts to learn about each other

If the dog facts about dog kisses haven’t convinced you that dogs and humans use different forms of communication, the fact that butt-sniffing is a common dog greeting surely will. A dog’s unique smell is secreted in its glands, and yes, those scent glands are located in their backsides.

A dog’s rear end is home to glands that produce pheromones, which contain information about everything from the sex of the dog to its health and diet. Thanks to dogs’ incredible sense of smell, they can learn all sorts of information about one another just from the nuances of the odor. So the butt-sniff is basically a dog’s way of getting a first impression.

What are 100 facts about dogs?

One Beatles song has a frequency only dogs can hear

We all know from earlier in this article that dogs can hear many sounds that humans can’t, and The Beatles used that to their advantage in their hit song “A Day in the Life.” In an interview, Paul McCartney claimed that at the end of the song, a frequency was added that only dogs can hear.

Play the song and watch your pup toward the end, then remember that music is just as beneficial to dogs as it is to humans and can even help with a dog’s anxiety.

What are 100 facts about dogs?

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