What are Charli D Amelio’s dogs called? Surprising Answer

Charli D’Amelio is an American social media personality and dancer. She was born in Norwalk, Connecticut, and was a competitive dancer for over 10 years before starting her social media career. She started actively posting content on the video-sharing app TikTok in late 2019, where she began posting dance videos to trending songs on the platform. She quickly amassed a large following and subsequently became the most-followed creator on the app.

D’Amelio made her feature film debut with a voice role in the 2020 animated film StarDog and TurboCat, and starred in the Hulu docuseries The D’Amelio Show in 2021. Her other endeavors include a book, a podcast, a nail polish collection, a mattress, and a makeup line. She is the first person to earn both 50 million and 100 million followers on TikTok and was the second-highest earning TikTok personality in 2019 according to Forbes. She is often described as TikTok’s biggest star.

“There’s kind of an abundance of stray dogs out there. So we are able to help out our sanctuary in Utah so they can pull animals from their surrounding areas,” explained the worker.

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In the video, a representative of Best Friends Animal Society explained that the pups were from the non-profit’s reservation located in Utah.

The D’Amelio family also owns quite a few dogs. The precious pups, named Belle, Rebel, Cali, and Codi have their own TikTok account with over 800,000 followers.

Charli D’Amelio may be best known for being one of the top creators on TikTok. However, here at Woof Republic, we think she should also be recognized for being a massive dog lover.

Do you have a soft spot for animals, too?

The DAmelio Family is fostering three pups, Weka, Moa, and Dodo, getting them ready for their forever homes – and you can follow along with their story. Be a hero for homeless pets, too, by fostering a furry friend of your very own!

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We Fostered Three Puppies | The D’Amelio Family