What are the 2 dogs in John Wick 3? Tips and Tricks

Are the dogs in John Wick 3 CGI?

The following contains a detail that might be a spoiler for one scene in the movie John Wick 3, in case you care about such things. There are some dogs in the movie that do their own stunts, no CGI, where they bite people in the crotch. … Director Chad Stahelski tells the story of the dog actors.

Filming with Cha Cha the Pit Bull

What are the 2 dogs in John Wick 3?

In John Wick 3: Parabellum, the pit bull returns, but this time he’s played by a different actor: a female pit bull named Cha Cha.

Like Andy the Beagle, Cha Cha needed a little extra prompting during some of her scenes — specifically, one where she had to lick Keanu’s face to wake him up. Once again, Keanu was subjected to having food smeared on his face (this time, peanut butter) so that his canine castmate would get the scene right.

During filming, Cha Cha was involved in a scary altercation with a horse on set. The loud noise and general chaos overwhelmed her and she unwisely picked a fight with a horse.

Thankfully, nobody was injured, and we’re sure that Cha Cha’s handlers took extra care to keep her calm and collected for the rest of the shoot.

The John Wick movies have been very popular since the first film was released in 2014. Many of us sympathize with the title character who seeks to avenge his pup – though, few of us would take it to the extremes Keanu Reeves does! If you haven’t seen the movies, you can get the general idea by watching the first trailer here, though, I prefer this version, where the dog takes revenge for his dead owner. (Warning: lots of CGI blood, but the dog is totally fine, and that’s what matters in a movie.)

Halle Berry became instrumental in achieving the behavior he hoped to get from the dogs. So not only did she have the training and rehearsal necessary for a film that required so much from her already, she also had to make time to spend with the furriest members of the cast!

See Halle Berry and her new friends in the trailer below for John Wick: Chapter 3:

Actress Halle Berry has joined the series in its most recent installment, John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum, which will be released in May. Not only is she lending her acting talents to the film, she also had a hand in training her canine co-stars!

If you’ve seen the trailer for John Wick 3 you’ve seen some of the Belgian Malinois who have been working alongside her. Her two companions were actually five dogs, with whom she was encouraged to play and bond. Director Chad Stahelski wanted the experience to be fun for the dogs, so training was a foremost concern for the film. He didn’t want dogs who were attacking actors on cue, he wanted dogs who believed they were playing a game with the stunt people and having a good time.

How they trained the dogs in John Wick 3

The blockbuster films center on Keanu Reeves’ titular character, a retired hitman who returns to his life of violence after a group of home invaders murders his puppy.

So it’s no surprise that the John Wick movies also appeal to another demographic: dog owners. After all, there are few motivators for revenge as relatable as someone harming your beloved pup!

And while it’s understandable that Keanu is the main face of the franchise, it’s the dogs that really set the movies apart from their contemporaries. Let’s learn more about these canine celebrities and the roles they embody!