What are the best dog bones for puppies? Find Out Here

How To Choose Between Edible And Non-Edible Chew Bones

Since many dogs are motivated by food, you may want to consider edible puppy bones that you can use as a reward or training treat. According to Dr. Greenstein, however, theyre not all created equal: “The benefits (and risks!) of a particular edible chew vary greatly.” For example, “certain animal-derived chews like pig ears and pizzle sticks have been associated with cases of bacterial contamination.” You should also only give edible chew bones to your pup while they’re being supervised, since even the so-called edible ones aren’t always fully digestible and can cause internal blockages “if accidentally swallowed in giant pieces,” according to Dr. Greenstein. And keep an eye out for a bone that simultaneously “does work” — like cleaning your dog’s teeth while they chew.

Some pups can chew through an edible bone in minutes, so if thats your dog, a non-edible chew may be a safer, longer-lasting option. “When it comes to non-edible chews, the choice of material is key. Always look for something just pliable enough to dent with your fingernail,” Dr. Greenstein wrote. “Anything super hard [like bones, hooves, antlers] can risk breaking a dog’s teeth.” For that reason, synthetic materials are a good option, especially for “tenacious chewers or large dogs with powerful jaws.”

Not sure which one to start with? Heres are some of the best chew bones for you to choose from.

The 9 Best Dog Bones for Puppies

The Nylabone Healthy Edibles Puppy Chew Treats are our choice for the best overall dog bones for puppies. These bones come in several flavors, including turkey and sweet potato, and lamb and apple, are specifically designed for puppies. These small bones have DHA omega-3 fatty acid that helps with brain and eye development, and they come in four or eight packs.

Our puppies loved these bones, but you should be aware that they are tiny and only for the smallest dogs. They don’t last long. Our puppies had them devoured in just a few minutes.Pros

  • 8 per pack
  • DHA omega
  • Several flavors
  • Cons

  • Don’t last long
  • Small puppies
  • Dingo Mini Bones

    The Dingo P-25002 Mini Bones are small treat bones made for puppies. The bones use real chicken and premium grade rawhide that provides a natural dental cleaner for your pet. There are no fillers or artificial binders in these bones, and each one has plenty of protein. The resealable package contains 35 bones to keep your puppy busy for weeks.

    What we don’t like about this brand is that rawhide has proved to be a significant choking hazard for dogs. Even with supervision, we were nervous about allowing our puppies to eat these treats because of the report. They also cost a lot, but you get a lot.Pros

  • Real chicken and premium rawhide
  • No fillers
  • Resealable bag
  • Cons

  • Rawhide can be a choking hazard
  • High cost
  • Dog bones: Which Are Safe For Dogs? | Ultimate Pet Vet

    If you’re about to bring home a brand-new puppy and have just come to the realization that your puppy will need something to chew on, you’ve got a little shopping to do. Puppies chew on everything. Your shoes, your pillows, your couch, and probably your hands. So, you’ll need some bones and chew toys at the ready for your puppy before you lose some of your belongings. But it can be rather daunting to find the right one.

    This is where we come in. We’ve reviewed the 10 best bones that should do the trick for your puppy. Now you can save yourself some time and choose the one that sounds the most appealing. Hopefully, your puppy will enjoy a good chewing session!