What breed of dog has no tail? A Step-by-Step Guide

Are All Dogs Born with Tails?

Although most dogs are born with long or small tails, some breeds may come into this world completely tailless like the Brittany Spaniel and the Welsh Corgi.

In the beginning, all of the old and original dog breeds had tails but selective breeding and gene mutation altered this appearance.

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The 7 Dog Breeds With No Tail

What breed of dog has no tail?

The Australian Stumpy Tail Cattle dog is also known as the Heeler. It is a close relative of the Queensland Heeler, which has a tail. Both dogs were bred in Australia to herd cattle sometime in the 1830s. This tailless dog has normal proportions and pointy ears. The coat is dense and short and is speckled red or blue.

Heelers are alert and responsive to their owner while remaining reserved around strangers. These dogs need early socialization with people and a high level of activity throughout their lives. They are known as obedient dogs that love frisbee, tracking, and herding.

What breed of dog has no tail?

Nicknamed the American Gentleman, the Boston Terrier is a small dog with pointy, erect ears. The Boston terrier is one of the few American dog breeds and is the first American non-sporting dog. These dogs can weigh up to 25 pounds, and their black and white coat resembles a tuxedo.

Boston Terriers are energetic, friendly, and easily trained. They are protective of their owners, and their coat requires very little maintenance. If trained early, these dogs won’t bark much, and they are friendly toward children and other animals. Their demeanor makes then well suited for apartments and as therapy dogs.

French Bulldog

What breed of dog has no tail?

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Naturally born with a tiny stump covering the anus, the French Bulldog is naturally tailless or short-tailed. This is the UK standard for the breed, which is also its defining feature.

Because of selective breeding combined with its historical purpose as a rodent hunter, Frenchies are born with this cute tiny tail. Although not many of them are still into ratting, their tail design remains and loved by Frenchie fans all over the world.

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