What can you wash a pitbull with? Surprising Answer

Preparing for the Bath

  • Question My pit bulls hair is extremely hard to get wet! His fur is almost water-resistant. I dont have a hose or anything, what can I do? Community Answer My boxer has the same problem. What I do is fill the bathtub with water, and before putting him in the tub, I rub in the shampoo deeply, and then soak him in the water while scrubbing the fur.
  • Question Is the skin of pitbulls more sensitive than that of most dogs? Community Answer Pitbulls are generally more prone to things such as skin allergies, so yes, their skin is more sensitive than other dogs.
  • Question What if you can only wash your pitbull outside? Scarlett Community Answer Then make sure it is in a area where you can grab the pitbull quickly and it cant run away. Attach it to a short leash for maximum protection.
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    If you need to bathe your pit bull, place a towel or a non-skid mat in your tub, then bring the dog into the bathroom and shut the door. Fill the tub with 3-4 inches of warm water and coax or carry the dog into the bathtub. Once the dog is in the water, use a handheld showerhead or a pitcher to wet the dog from the neck down. Wash the dog’s face with a washcloth, then apply shampoo all over the dog, from its neck to its tail. Work the shampoo into a lather, then rinse the soap away thoroughly. Dry the dog, then reward it for finishing the bath! Read on for tips from our Veterinary co-author on getting your dog ready for a bath, like taking it for a long walk first!

  • Anonymous “Its been 40 years since I bathed a dog. My husband always took care of it, and I havent had another dog since Charlie. I now have a rescue pit bull whos about 10 years old. Hes extremely well behaved (trained), and my daughter and I love having him.”…” more
  • Preparation

    What can you wash a pitbull with?

    Take some time to get you and your Pit Bull ready for the bath. Make sure that you’re in control of your Pit Bull and that he or she is in a relaxed frame of mind.

    Go for a walk with your Pit Bull before bath time. That way, they will not have much pent up energy to resist. They might actually welcome a bath when they are warmed up after a good walk. Make sure that you avoid rigorous exercise before baths.

    Brush your Pit Bull before bath time. Brushing removes dead hair and helps your Pit Bull’s coat dry quickly after the bath.

    How to Bathe a Pit Bull… Save Money at Home !!

    Pit Bulls don’t need to be bathed regularly as they have natural oils to protect their short fur and skin. However, Pit Bulls are an energetic breed. If your Pit Bull gets dirty by playing around outdoors, you might not have a choice. Depending on your situation, you can bathe your Pit Bull every two weeks or even as rarely as once every six months.

    You must make sure that you brush your Pit Bull every day to remove dead hair and distribute their natural oils throughout the coat and skin. The frequency that you bathe your Pit Bull should not be a factor for daily grooming.

    It’s important to make bath time a fun experience when it comes to bathing a Pit Bull or any dog for that matter.