What Did Greg Do When Rowley Spent The Night

The book I read is called Diary of a Wimpy Kid by: Jeff Kinney. It is worth 3 points and the main characters are Gregory Heffly, Manny, Rodrick and Rowley Jefferson. This book is mainly about a boy named Greg, in his life trying to get through middle school quick! Greg doesn’t see this as an easy year. He goes through all kinds of adventures. Greg remembers the cheese to see if it’s still there and sure enough it is. Greg doesn’t know how the cheese got there but he does remember how the cheese touch got started. One day, this kid named Darren Walsh touched the Cheese with his finger and that’s what started this thing called the Cheese Touch. Later on in school Greg starts hanging out with this kid named Rowley. Rowley can get really pointless as a friend but he is fun to have around. It was early October and Greg couldn’t think of a costume to wear on halloween. Rowley showed up as a knight, and Greg got pretty jeolous about that. Greg tried to be a mummy, so he rapped himself in toilet paper. Then his mom came in the room with an old pirate costume, so he was pretty happy about that. He and Rowley were just planning to go by themselves but then Greg’s mom came in and told him he had to take Manny with him. Greg’s dad ended up going along with them too so Gregwasn’t too happy about that later that night these three teenagers in a van started chasing Greg and Rowley, so they ran to Greg’s grandma’s house and spent the night in her backyard. That pretty much ended their halloween, but they did get a lot of candy out of the the houses they went to. Greg later started school again and he joined the wrestling team. He hoped he didn’t get paired up with someone who had lots of experience. He didn’t, he got paired up with this nerdy kid named Fregely. Every time the gym coach blew his whistle Fregely would get pin Greg to the ground. Greg couldn’t take the wrestling so he quit that. Greg has been having a hard time in middle school as you have heard so far. So if you want to see if things get worse in Greg’s life which they might. You have to read the book Diary of a Wimpy Kid #1! If I had to rate this book from 1-10, 10 being the best I would have to rate it a 10, only because it’s a GREAT BOOK!

Why did Greg earn some money?

Greg wanted to have enough money to get sundaes at the country clubhouse for him and his friend Rowley.

What happened at the end of Diary of a Wimpy Kid Dog Days?

Due to his injury, Greg is unable to play well in the competition and Rowley beats him. … The book concludes with Susan making a photo album and remembering the summer as the “best summer ever,” although Greg thinks the opposite.

Why did Greg need money in dog days?

Greg doesn’t do a good job and his father has to complete the job for him. As a result, Greg is still without the money he owes Mr. Jefferson. During his birthday party, Greg’s mom collects all of his birthday money to pay Mr.

Greg felt bad about his dead fish. … Even though Greg wanted a dog for a long time, he quickly becomes annoyed at Sweetie, who drools on his pillow, sleeps on his bed, interrupts his privacy in the bathroom, and won’t stop barking at the television unless a certain advertisement with gophers comes on.


What did Greg do when Rowley came for a sleepover?

When Rowley has a sleepover with Collin, Greg retaliates by going to Fregley’s house for a sleepover. When Fregley eats a bag of jelly beans and becomes manic, Greg locks himself in the bathroom until Fregley passes a note under the door with a booger on it.

Why was Rowley able to beat Greg at the twisted wizard video game?

Greg always beats Rowley in Twisted Wizard, with the exception of Dog Days, where Rowley injured Greg and hindered his ability to play, thus beating him in a competition held at Game Hut and winning the “grand prize” of a large box of chocolate-covered raisins or a chance move on to the national championships.

What did Greg do with the dollar Mr Jefferson gave him for the arcade?

After leaving the boardwalk’s arcade, Greg and Rowley decide to do a prank with the one dollar they have where they stick it up through the wooden slats of the boardwalk and pull it back down whenever someone tries to grab it.

What did Greg do because he was desperate?

Greg was desperate to get sugar, so he went to Rowley’s backyard and dug the time capsule out, and took it home. With the three-bucks and the things inside, he bought some snacks and played with some of the other things inside.