What do dogs lick besides peanut butter? Simple and Effective Tips

It’s no secret that dogs need enrichment.

Daily play, including both mental and physical stimulation, is what keeps our puppies happy… Not to mention, keep them out of mischief.

A great way to give your dog enrichment is through their daily food allowance–especially if they wolf down their food within seconds of your putting it down!

One of my favourite ways to do that with Hugo is to use his Lickimat.

In this guide, I’ll share exactly what Lickimats are, and the toppings you can use to make your playtime even more delicious!

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Before we dive in with our Lickimat toppings, let’s iron-out what Lickimats actually are.

Lickimats are pieces of plastic with holes, dents, and grooves that you place your dog’s food (or treats!) on top of.

Your pup then licks around the mat to grab their food using their tongue.

Lickimats come in all shapes and sizes, but the best part is that they’re one of the cheapest dog enrichment toys you could get. You can purchase lick mats off Amazon for as little as £3, and the Lickimat toppings we’ll discuss can be picked up on your weekly food shop.

Lickimats are also a great way to help your puppy get used to their new crate.

Simply pop one of our delicious toppings on top, and leave it in your dog’s crate for five minutes while you leave the room.

Doing this will help your new puppy see their crate as a fun and exciting place, while also making them less likely to howl, cry, or bark for attention that brings you back in the room.

It’s no secret that dogs need enrichment

As pet owners, do you want to give your dog a little extra enrichment in their life? If so, youre in luck! This guide is all about the delicious and healthy treats of lick mat toppings you can use to keep your pup entertained. Keep reading for information on what lick mats are and nine of the best toppings to use. Your dog is going to love you for it!

What is a Lick Mat?

A LickiMat is a grooved mat that encourages the act of licking. Usually made of TPR rubber or silicone, most lick mats have individual patterns and textured surfaces that create a grazing maze. These textures and patterns help lock food in so that your dog actively licks at their meal or treat, as opposed to the normal chomping and gobbling.

Human Foods that Are Actually Good for Dogs

Wondering if a licking mat is a good fit for your pet? Or, maybe you have one, but you aren’t quite sure what to do with it. Using a lick mat is an excellent way to help your furry friend cope with stress, feel relaxed, and just have some fun. A lick mat is also helpful if you have a pet that tends to eat too quickly as the nooks and crannies help to slow down eating. But, how exactly do lick mats work?