What do I do if my puppy’s mouth is bleeding? Expert Advice

Cuts and Scrapes on Your Dog’s Gums

It’s possible that your dog’s gums could be bleeding from a simple cut or scrape. If you don’t see much blood, and if the bleeding only happens every once in a while, check their gums for signs of a small injury. They may have scraped their gums on a hard chew toy or could have even cut them a little bit while eating.

Cuts and scrapes are nothing to worry about, and they usually clear up in just a few days with minimal bleeding. However, it is possible that they could become infected, so you should keep a close eye on gum injuries until they heal.

Abscess in Your Dog’s Mouth

An abscess is any injury to the mouth that becomes infected. If your dog hurts their gums while chewing on their favorite toy or playing with other dogs, the injury could become infected and may lead to the growth of an abscess. Most of the time, abscesses are filled with pus or fluid, and they cause bleeding gums in dogs as well.

You will need to take your pet to the vet if they have an oral abscess of any kind. The vet may drain the abscess and will also give your pet antibiotics to help clear up the infection.

Gum disease occurs when a dog does not get proper dental hygiene and care. Bleeding gums in dogs are one of the first signs of gum disease, and if you notice this symptom, it’s important to respond quickly to prevent the problem from progressing to later stages.

Early stages of gum disease can be treated by simply improving your dog’s dental hygiene. However, the longer the problem goes on, the worse it gets. If your dog has more advanced gum disease, they may need professional dental care from the vet, extraction of some of their teeth, medication, and other treatments to resolve the issue.

When is it necessary to see the vet?

Some puppies experience a slight fever while teething which should be monitored to ensure their temperature does not climb too high.

While teething often involves some bleeding from the gums as your puppy’s sharp teeth emerge, if you notice a large amount of blood, immediately seek professional assistance from your vet.

Before all of your puppy’s adult teeth have grown in, you should book them in for a dental appointment at your local Greencross Vets for a precautionary checkup.

Dog Mouth Emergency: What To Do At Home

Dogs bleed from their mouths if they’re injured, have poor dental hygiene, or are suffering from an illness like gingivitis.

A host of factors including infections, bad diet, and/or underlying health conditions can cause their mouths to bleed.

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