What does it mean when a dog digs a hole and lays in it? Expert Advice

Reason 1: It’s An Instinct

Digging holes might be unacceptable to us, but according to the American Kennel Club (AKC), digging is part of a dog’s instinct that has been passed down through generations going back to their gray wolf ancestors. Gray wolves would also dig holes or use natural dens like burrows to keep warm, and during the breeding season to keep their pups safe from predators. So, it comes as no surprise that digging holes is rooted deeply in your dog’s DNA as well as hiding in them, and some breeds seem to be more in tune with this ancestral behavior.

Breeds like the Siberian Husky can spend all day digging up holes in your yard and using them as shelter like they would in the freezing Tundra. Similarly, Rottweilers can also find joy in digging up a backyard to escape the hot summer! And if you think only large dogs will look for any opportunity to show off their digging skills then you’ve never seen a Fox Terrier and their endless desire for digging!

Adjust Body Temperature

Whether it is too hot or too cold, a dog can use the ground to regulate their body temperature.

If its a warm summers day, your dog may be digging to access the cooler dirt down below.

From there, getting in and laying on top of this dirt is much more comfortable than the remaining hot ground. While also helping to cool their underbelly.

We must consider that dogs do not sweat like us humans. Their sweat glands are mostly on the pads of their feet and on their nose – areas with little fur.

As such, with few areas of body-cooling sweat glands, dogs have to consider other mechanisms and opportunities to keep cool.

The ground can be one of them!

On a cold winters day, digging is most likely to be in an area where there is sun.

Dogs Dig Holes Out of Boredom

What does it mean when a dog digs a hole and lays in it?

If you are used to being gone most of the day and come back to find your dog has dug holes in the ground, he could be trying to cool off, as I stated earlier. Or, he could be bored. Dogs are just like humans. They need some form of entertainment and as the Pet Health Network points out, digging can provide entertainment for a bored, frustrated dog.

Why dogs dig holes in the ground – 18 reason Explained

Dogs dig holes for all sorts of reasons. Some breeds are more prone to digging than others, though it often has to do with the dog’s specific personality. Depending on where your dog is digging, it may not be much of a deal at all, or it may be a huge deal.

Preventing the digging often requires learning about the underlying cause of the digging. If you can provide a dog with alternative ways to fulfill their needs, they will often stop digging. When a dog digs a hole and then lies in it, they are likely digging the hole in order to cool down.

In this article, we take a look at why dogs dig holes to lie in and how to prevent them from digging these holes.