What does the queen feed her dogs? Here’s What to Expect

How many dogs did the Queen have?

Queen Elizabeth II leaves behind four dogs – two corgis, one dorgi and a cocker spaniel. The two corgis are named Sandy and Muick, whilst her remaining dorgi Candy is the eldest canine, who is believed to have been around for at least 10 years.

The Queen herself was credited with creating the dorgi – a dachshund-corgi mix. This hybrid coming about when one of Elizabeths corgis mated with her sister Princess Margarets dachsund Pipkin.

Candy was one of four who posed with the Queen for a series of special portraits marking her 90th birthday in 2016 – along with Willow, Holly and beloved dog Vulcan (opens in new tab) who have all sadly passed away since.

Meanwhile, the Queens two remaining corgis became official residents of Buckingham Palace in 2021. Whilst new addition Lissy was welcomed into the family just this year.

Did the Queen walk her dogs?

Yes, the Queen was known to walk her dogs twice a day. The first walk traditionally took place after the corgis had received their lunch, with Her Majesty often accompanied by a footman. The Queen then took her pack out for their second walk of the day around the grounds of Buckingham Palace.

During the last year of her life whilst suffering bad health, Her Majesty was reported to have given up her favourite hobby (opens in new tab) of walking the dogs for a week. According to the Daily Mail (opens in new tab), family and friends of the late Queen credited the activity as a “tonic” for the 96-year-old. Keeping her fit and healthy, whilst also having helped her come in the aftermath of Prince Philips death (opens in new tab).

Princess Diana once famously dubbed the Queens corgis as “a moving carpet” that followed the monarch around everywhere. Queen Elizabeth II walking her corgis at Windsor Castle, on April 2, 1994. (Credit: Julian Parker/UK Press via Getty s)

Over the course of her long life, the Queen’s dogs were often at her side. From official palace events to photos capturing her time on the throne, the royal Corgis are as much a part of history as Queen Elizabeth II herself.

When it comes to Queen Elizabeth II and symbols of the palace, there is something to be said about the Queen’s Corgis and their place in royal life. And as we look back at the late monarch’s reign, for us it is truly about her dogs and their place in her life and the palace.

It has long been said that the Queen enjoyed taking her dogs out for walks when she was able to and she would feed them when she could. Plus, there are signs that when she was overwhelmed she would reach down to the Corgis, which could often be found at her feet and under the table, to feed them a treat.

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