What dog food causes less gas? What to Know

14 Best Dog Food to Prevent Gas

When you go into the market looking for dog food, your aim should be looking for brands that offer real ingredients (no preservatives or additives) and added minerals or vitamins. And keep in mind that the dog food is on the shelves for some time, so go for recent manufacturing dates.

Now that you know how to shop, let’s help you out with deciding what to shop for.

Taste Of High Wild Protein, Real Fish, Premium Dry Dog Food

Taste Of the Wild is a family-owned and run business that utilizes the latest scientific safety protocols and fulfills AFFCO, as well as the FDA requirements, to give you the very best in dog food. The number 1 ingredient is the sustainably-sourced salmon that is high in protein to improve overall well-being. Then, they give you species-specific probiotics engineered to improve gut flora in canines.

It is an eggless recipe with dried chicory root to appease the most delicate tummies. The antioxidants from blueberries, raspberries, and sweet potatoes prevent cancer and age-related ailments in dogs.

If you are interested in dry dog food that makes your dog’s taste buds happy and provides you with peace of mind that your dog will live a long, healthy life, then look no further than Taste Of the Wild.


  • Contains antioxidants from superfoods
  • Rich in protein
  • Contains probiotics for a healthier gut
  • Cons

  • It is expensive
  • Some bags arrived damaged
  • How to Reduce Gas in Dogs

    Gas can also occur when your dog eats their food too quickly. This is because they swallow more air when they eat faster, which causes flatulence.

    There are specially designed dog food bowls that feature round ridges, which work to make eating their food slightly more of a challenge. This promotes slower eating.

    If your dog gets the occasional few days of gas or runny stool, you don’t always have to buy expensive products to help with this. Cooked rice is perfect for settling a dog’s stomach, and they love it.

    Simply cook a batch of rice, or cook a larger portion of rice for your own dinner, and put it away in the fridge or freezer.

    Remember to keep the rice fresh and in-date. This is a great source of fiber that works to settle the stomach as it is gentle, and firms the stool significantly.

    This might be difficult for some owners, but try not to give them too many scraps of human food. Those pleading eyes are hard to ignore, but it will benefit your sense of smell greatly in the long run.

    Dog treats are a great way of improving aspects of their health whilst providing a yummy snack for the dog. Charcoal-based treats are the best for flatulence, as it helps to release any trapped gas in their system.

    Be careful to not give them too much, however, as too much can use up the vitamins and minerals in their system.

    Sick of Stinky Dog Farts? These 5 Common Food Types Can Make Dogs “Gassy”

    We’re all a little gassy sometimes and flatulence is never pleasant. Even so, dog owners know that dog farts are the worst of the worst – silent but deadly doesn’t even begin to cover it.

    Though a fart here and there might be funny – or even cute – flatulence in dogs can also be a sign of an underlying health problems. Digestive issues caused by food allergies, gastrointestinal disease, and parasite infections can all lead to an increase in gas and an unhappy situation for both you and your dog. But what can you do about flatulence in dogs?

    In this article, we’ll talk about what causes gas in dogs and provide some tips for how to reduce dog flatulence. You’ll also see our top 10 picks for the best dog food for gas problems.