What dog food is better victor or blue buffalo? Expert Advice

There are Serious Questions About the Safety of Their Food

The company has a long list of recalls in its past (more on that later), but what’s really concerning is the fact that the FDA has linked them, along with over a dozen other foods, with an increased risk of canine heart disease.

There’s no definitive proof yet, but it’s certainly something to keep an eye on. Pros

  • Widely available
  • Good amount of foods to choose from
  • No artificial ingredients or cheap fillers
  • Cons

  • Has lied about its ingredients in the past
  • May have serious safety issues
  • 35% OFF

    What dog food is better victor or blue buffalo?

    Unfortunately, the downside to such a wide variety is choosing the right formula. Your pup may hate the taste of turkey or bison, or trout. You may find it’s trial and error for a short while to discover precisely which type of canned food your dog enjoys and eat without fuss.

    They recommend topping their dry kibble with their canned food for added flavor. If your dog is a picky eater, that is certainly one option to explore.

    Since 2003, Blue Buffalo has become the go-to choice for dog food amongst pet owners across the country, and its reign doesn’t seem to have an end in sight. Victor remains an excellent choice, there’s no doubt about that, though, so whichever brand you prefer, you cannot go wrong.

    The sheer variety of canned dog food choices makes Blue Buffalo our clear-cut winner for wet foods. Most pet owners opt for kibble, but knowing a canned dog food made with the same high-quality ingredients is available offers peace of mind.

    It is clear here that Victor Dog Food is the clear-cut winner in terms of product recalls. Compared to Blue Buffalo’s seven recalls, with zero reported recalls, pet owners can trust Victor products completely.

    Dog Food Review: Blue Buffalo