What dogs are fully white? The Ultimate Guide

We’ve tried to make your life a little easier by showcasing a comprehensive list of our 31 favorites that will blend in with the snow every winter. Let’s take a look at each white dog breed below and what you can expect if you decide to take one home sometime soon.

The German Shepherd Dog is the second most popular dog in the United States, only behind the Labrador. GSD’s have a recessive trait that can cause their coat to turn white. There is a significant controversy with the coat of this breed, and some GSD breeders do not recognize it as an actual GSD.

Pomeranians are part of the Spitz family, and these little fuzzballs are one of the most popular small breeds in the United States. These little pups are cute and spirited, and are extremely loyal to their families.

Salukis are hounds, and they are an independent breed. These pups look like a mix between a greyhound and a golden retriever but don’t let that fool you. They are extremely independent and are known for ignoring commands coming from their masters.

Even with proper socialization, they will still be on guard around strangers and other unknown animals. He’s independent and training can be a challenge if you are a first-time dog owner. Their long coat is stunning, but you’ll need to keep on top of grooming regularly.

You’ll want one of these beautiful white pups in your home ASAP!

What dogs are fully white?

Best White Dog Breed for Apartment Living: Maltipoo

If you have to think small due to housing constraints, allow us to present another powderpuff for your consideration: the majestic Maltipoo. As you may have guessed, the Maltipoo is a mix between a Maltese and a toy or miniature poodle, and the breed has only been around (at least intentionally) for 20-30 years.

Their size, temperament (gentle, happy, easy to train), hypoallergenic coat, and preference for the indoors make Maltipoos the ideal apartment roommate. (You also won’t have to worry about them hogging the bathroom in the morning or leaving dirty dishes in the sink). However, if you want to remain on good terms with your neighbors, you will likely need to work on minimizing your roommate’s tendency to bark.

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What dogs are fully white?

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These Are 10 Whitest Dog Breeds Ever

Theres a lot to love about white dog breeds. Their snow-colored coats are a source of distinction (and make for a fun game of hide-and-seek in the winter). And there are so many fabulous names for white dogs! Icicle. Snowflake. Coconut. Marshmallow. Bianca. Vit.

The following pups defy fashion rules by wearing white all year long (yes, even after Labor Day). While each breed on our list comes in a range of colors, they boast the possibility of being either an all-white pooch or one on which white features prominently.

So whether you’re looking for a white dog that’s big or small, fluffy or short-haired, popular or rare, we invite you to take a look at the following snowballs (mostly!) of love.