What happens if a dog has too much hydrogen peroxide? Surprising Answer

Always remember that if you pet is showing signs of any medical complications that they should be evaluated by a veterinarian to ensure that the proper treatment is recommended.

Dog and PillThere are many websites and resources available now that provide you with recommendations on how to treat your pets at home for many common illnesses or situations using over the counter human medications. While these resources have good intentions you may want to know why it is not a good idea to diagnose your pet and provide treatments without consulting your veterinarian.

Which Type of Hydrogen Peroxide Should I Use on My Dog?

Hydrogen peroxide, as the name implies is simply a liquid composed of hydrogen and oxygen (H2O2). It comes in different concentrations, some of which can be potentially toxic to dogs.

The correct percentage to induce vomiting in dogs is the 3% solution. This means it contains 97% water and 3% hydrogen peroxide. Most household peroxide sold at stores in the brown bottle is 3%, but it doesnt hurt to double-check!

You may be alarmed to read on the label that hydrogen peroxide is toxic. Before second-guessing your vets recommendation to use it on your dog, understand that veterinarians report that it is safe to use for this purpose. According to veterinarian Dawn Ruben, because of the fact that the internally administered hydrogen peroxide is vomited up and does not remain in the body, it is safe to use.

Note: Until recently, hydrogen peroxide was thought to be an effective treatment for wounds. However, research has shown that this can damage cells that are needed for healing. So if you keep hydrogen peroxide in your pet first aid kit, it should be only there to induce vomiting.

Can too much peroxide kill a dog?

Dogs that are unconscious cannot be induced to vomit. First off, they cannot swallow the peroxide and it gets in their lungs resulting in the potentially fatal, aspiration pneumonia.

How to induce vomiting in your dog | Dr Justine Lee

Large amount of Hydrogen Peroxide or giving Hydrogen Peroxide that is not the 3% concentration can cause severe irritation to your dog stomach that can lead to secondary medical conditions.