What happens if dogs eat dried apricots? Essential Tips


There’s no definitive rule about how many apricots a dog can eat, and the amount they can safely eat will vary depending on their size. A big breed can probably eat a whole apricot as long as the pit is removed and it’s been sliced into bitesize chunks for them.

However, a small dog should probably eat no more than half an apricot a day. Again, this will need to be cut up and the stone must be removed.

Like most fruits, the best rule to follow is the 10% rule. That means your pooch should eat no more than 10% of the recommended daily calories in treats, including apricots. 90% of their calorie intake must come frombalanced meals.

Can My Dog Eat Dried Apricots Safely?

Dogs can eat dried apricots happily, but it depends on the number of apricots given. There are theories that apricots are safe but some parts such as the leaves, pit, and skin are toxic and should not be given to dogs.

If you decide to give your dog apricots then make sure to never include seeds, skin, or leaves of the apricot, as these parts contain cyanide which is proved to be very toxic.

You can, however, offer the apricot flesh to your dog as this is considered safe.

It is believed that the drying or dehydrating process of apricots may remove toxic substances but be cautious about giving these parts to your dog as it can be still harmful.

My best recommendation is to consult your veterinarian because they will be able to identify the health status of your dog and decide if dried apricots are safe for your best friend.

Usually, the number of apricots fed to your dog depends on the size and his health status whether he has fully functional vital organs or not.

My Dog Ate Too Many Dried Apricots.  Now What?

If your dog eats an excess of dried apricots along with seeds, then the symptoms of cyanide poisoning will start to appear, therefore you have to be cautious.

When you find your dog to be accidentally eating a pack of dried apricots, look for the symptoms below that may start to surface after a period of time.

1) Panting

2) Dropped Ears

3) Tail tucking

4) Weakness

5) Pupils dilated

6) Whale eye Sleepiness

7) Bright red gums

8) Extreme lethargy

9) Nose wrinkled

10) Loss of consciousness

11) Collapse

12) Shock

13) Lethargy

14) Sudden death

So, if you find any of the symptoms to start appearing, then rush your dog to the vet immediately for emergency treatment.

Can Dogs Eat Dried Apricots?

Can dogs eat apricots? One of the most important questions to answer is what kinds of foods are safe for your pet. Most pet owners love sharing their favorite snacks with their furry friend. Fresh fruits are often at the top of the list because they are seen as healthy and safe.

But not all foods that humans enjoy are safe for pets, including dogs. Apricots are generally a safe treat with a few important caveats. Read on to find out everything you need to know about safely sharing apricots with your dog!