What happens if family dog bites child? Find Out Here

Exemption From Strict Liability

There are certain exceptions to the strict liability dog bite law. Dog owners may be able to evade responsibility for injuries caused by their dogs if:

  • The dog was provoked.
  • The attack occurred on private property where the victim did not have permission to be present.
  • How to Determine Why the Dog Bit the Child

    This is an important question to answer, because it can make a big difference in how you proceed. Dr. Elmaraghy suggests taking a deeper look at what situation the pup was in when he or she lashed out. “You want to decide whether the incident was provoked or not provoked,” he explains. “And thats a pretty important thing, because if the dog was unprovoked, the dog may be sick.” Dr. Elmaraghy says that dogs rarely bite without reason; oftentimes a bite happens when theyre ill or feeling threatened. “Dogs tend to be provoked into biting,” he says. “Its not a thing that they randomly do. If your pet does bite your child, parents should be concerned. It may be a real, significant issue, and the dog may need to see the vet.”

    Should I Get Rid of My Dog If It Bites My Child?

    For the most part, having a family pup is a gift and a blessing. But there can occasionally be some fallbacks that families run into while balancing living with both a dog and a young child. Its any pet owners worst nightmare: you turn your head for one second and your beloved family dog bites your child, especially one that may be on the younger side. Whether its just a small nip or a full-on chomp, moms and dads who find themselves in this terrible position might wonder what the right next step is for their family. And some parents may be inclined to give their dog away, no questions asked.

    First things first: this is a no-shame zone. The topic of rehoming dogs brings up incredibly strong emotions on both sides, but ultimately, it is a personal decision and one that you have to make for yourself, based on your circumstances. If youre unlucky enough to find yourself in this position, its perfectly understandable to feel conflicted. Your dog is a part of your family as much as your child, and having to navigate a dog-biting situation is not ideal in any way, shape, or form. Fortunately, Charles Elmaraghy, MD, the chief of Nationwide Childrens Hospitals otolaryngology department, who has performed countless dog-bite-related surgeries, has some advice for parents who are in this exact situation.

    Why Do Dogs Bite Children? Parents, You Can Prevent Dog Attacks In Kids!

    Most kids dont think a cuddly dog would ever hurt them. But millions of dog bites happen every year. Most kids bitten by dogs are under age 14. Dog bites can be much more than an innocent little nip, and some need care in the hospital or even surgery.